LED Throwies

by:CTECHi     2019-12-15
LED Throwies, developed by a Department of the Graffiti Research Lab Eyebeam R & D OpenLab, is a cheap way to add color to any nearby ferroresoft surface.
Throwie diffusion LED by lithium battery, 10mm and rare-
Stick the earth magnet together
To impress your friends and city officials, throw it high.
Click on this link to see the LED throes take effect in New York due to resitor and fi5e!
The LED throwies is made up of only some cheap parts for about $1. 00 per Throwie.
You can refer to the parts list below, or download the spreadsheet in the attachment for more information about the parts, part numbers, suppliers, and application instructions.
Part: 10 MM scattered LEDVendor: the average cost of HB electronic components: $0.
20 averages per LED note: Cost reduction in large quantities.
There are red, blue, Amber, white, diffuse and transparent.
For the Throwie application, the diffusion effect is better than that of clear water.
HB even created a painful packaging page about 10mm led and lithium battery deals!
Part: Supplier of CR2032 3 v lithium battery: cheap battery. comCost: $0.
25 notes per battery: reduced cost in large quantities.
Using 2032 lithium battery depending on the weather and LED color, your Throwie should last 1-2 weeks. Part: 1-
Price of your local hardware store: $2.
00 one roll note: one roll will make many throwiesspart: 1/2 \"Dia x 1/8\" thick NdFeB disc magnet, Ni-Cu-
Nickel Plated supplier: Amazing MagnetsCost: $13.
00 notes per 25 magnets: lower cost for larger parts: conductive epoxy supplier in OneCost: Newark: $32.
00 remarks: Epoxy resin is optional.
Test your LED to determine color, brightness, and functionality.
Pinch the LED leg or lead to the battery terminal.
A longer LED lead known as an anode should contact the forward terminal (+)
The battery and the shorter LED lead (called cathode) should be in contact with the negative terminal (-)of the battery.
Note that the positive pole on the battery has a larger contact surface than the negative pole.
The positive terminal extends around the side of the battery.
Do not let the cathode lead of the LED accidentally touch the positive pole of the battery.
This will create a short, resulting in incorrect LED functionality.
For more information about the led, click here.
For more information about the battery, click here.
Cut 1 block-
About 7-inch wide strapinches long.
2-lead LED to battery by packing tape
3 times around both sides of the battery.
Please keep the tape very tight when you pack.
The LED should not flash.
Now, place the magnet on the front end of the battery and continue to wrap the tape tightly.
The magnet should be firmly fixed on the battery.
Do not pull the LED throwie if the magnet is glued to the ferromagnetic surface.
Apply a side force to the magnet and slide it out of the surface when lifting the magnet with a nail or tool.
Remember to keep the magnet away from traditional hard drives, credit cards, and other data storage devices.
The LED throwie is ready to be thrown onto the ferromagnetic surface.
Practice getting rid of pain.
Work on your accuracy and your own personal skills.
Every time throwie doesn\'t stick to it, but if you throw them gently, they end up sticking to it.
Let them get up a lot for maximum enjoyment.
Now, find a building or structure that can attract magnets, form a team, wait until the evening, and then start some pain.
If you do it in the crowd, they may try to get involved.
It can quickly disappear in the fun of chaos. Give a hand-
Full of pain to a stranger, let them also up.
Remember, pain is only a temporary change in your local environment.
The pain can last for two weeks depending on the color, but you won\'t cause any permanent damage, so most owners won\'t mind.
The New York Police Department loves pain!
Click on this link to see the pain of the LED in operation!
Other apps: in addition to throwing it, you can also use your LED throwie to write in the air with light during long exposure.
You can put them on the bike as an extra reflector.
You can put surveillance cameras on top to make them more visible at night.
You can use them to play a version of the bocci ball on a magnetic surface in the dark.
Upgrade: you can make a better LED throwie by using shrink tubes on each lead to make sure they are not short to each other or the battery.
This upgrade will allow you to bend the LED in the direction you choose.
You can also dip throwie into epoxy, silicon, or potting compound to make a full
The weather changes.
The series resistance allows you to increase the throwie shelf-life.
Larger battery = longer life.
Stronger magnet = the probability of increasing the bar.
You can add a solar panel, Light Battery, etc. . . Have fun.
User upgrade: Flickr teaching set of thowie on/off switch mod--by A. Joyce, aka.
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