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by:CTECHi     2020-04-14
Practical and practical products have always been ideal promotional items, and the mini LED flashlight key chain is no exception.
LED flashlight key chains with custom engraving or imprint are being used by businesses and individuals for a variety of special events, from exhibitions and meetings to parties and parties.
The mini flashlight has become an indispensable item in our daily life, everywhere from our home, cars to camping gear and key chains.
Due to their small size, these mini flashlights are usually placed on key chains.
Basically, a mini flashlight using two bulbs;
With LEDs (leds)
And incandescent lamps (filament)bulbs.
LEDs are the most widely used at present.
They are brighter and longer lasting compared to incandescent lamps, and have a variety of beam colors to choose from.
Red, blue, green, etc.
Because of the battery (button cells)
The led used to power the led is smaller than the led used for filament bulbs (AAA)
, The mini LED flashlight can be much smaller and more flat than the filament bulb flashlight.
Usually, you will see the button battery of the LED device in the shape of a flat silver plate (
Looks like a button, so name it a button cell)
In various sizes and press down.
The voltage required to power the slim mini flashlight bulb is 1.
5v contrast 6. 0V for a LED.
Today, promotional mini led flashlight key chains can be found in anodized aluminum and durable plastics of various colors and custom shapes.
The custom methods used by these promotional mini flashlights include laser engraving of aluminum shell flashlights, and pad printing or full color printing of flashlights packaged in plastic.
Laser engraving produces a bright white image by removing the surface anodized color coating that exposes the aluminum color below.
Moving prints often produce images of a single color.
The disadvantage of pad printing is easy to wear and scratch over time.
Full color printing is the preferred way to print a mini flashlight in a custom shape.
Here, first print the full color image on the white vinyl with the adhesive, and then cut the outline into the exact shape of the flashlight imprint area.
The advantage of this printing and application is that the multi-color logo can be copied and there is no wear or scratch marks.
Today, the mini led flashlight key chain can be integrated into a variety of different products, including a variety of functions such as Carbine, pen, bottle opener, whistle, etc.
The shape of the mini flashlight key chain basic tube and mountaineering buckle made of anodized aluminum has become the industry standard for promotional flashlights.
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What is the source of the very successful promotion mini LED flashlight for ComSo?
Of course, the flashlight of the standard incandescent lamp is before using the flashlight of the led.
The tubular flashlight we know of was invented by David missell in 1896.
Until then, one could only use the oil lamp in the dark to find the road, which is a very unsafe way.
Due to the limitation of battery and bulb design, the early flashlight model is very inefficient.
They can only produce short light pulses, so they are called flashlights.
In addition, because of the large size of the batteries at that time, they were large and bulky.
With the development of batteries and bulbs, more reliable flashlights have also developed.
In 1888, the invention of a smaller, lighter D battery made it possible to develop the first truly practical hand battery
Handheld portable flashlight
With Edison\'s carbon wire replaced by tungsten, a brighter, longer-lasting light bulb became possible in 1906.
Today, whether it\'s an incandescent lamp or an updated, stronger, and more durable LED flashlight, it\'s everywhere in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
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