Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Power Bank Review

by:CTECHi     2020-02-15
It\'s a small start.A company that specializes in electricity banking.They were founded in 2012, and there is currently an electric power bank on the market, unlimited power bank, and unlimited new stars will come out soon.Unlike most power bank manufacturers, the gold koo power bank uses lithium polymer batteries, both of which have advantages and disadvantages.
Today, we\'re going to test Golden nine unlimited one to see how it stacks up in this industry.Golden nine unlimited one for $79.90.Grab your horse, or, if you don\'t, that itchy finger just wants to slide the credit card back into your wallet.Yes, there is indeed a high price for Kinkoo Infinite, but let\'s not conclude here.
I do have a positive experience with Kinkoo, so it does have extra benefits.Buyers should be happy to note that any overall price of $50 is eligible for entry into the free world --Wide freight provided by FedEx.The tracking number is provided, but the estimated delivery time is between three and five days, so if you happen to live far away, it will arrive in the blink of an eye or in the blink of an eye.
It\'s like you just bought an iPhone.
The box is very simple.
It has its own thank you letter, which is the first time you realize that Kinkoo cares about customer satisfaction.Other manufacturers may hide or have difficulty finding their warranty policies.The Golden Mouth is different.The warranty information is written at the end of the letter informing the buyer that they should register their power bank on the website for a one-year plus three-month warranty.
There are two variations in infinite colorWhite and black.The package shows a black change, but I received a white change, so it seems that there is no separate package for both models.This is given on the sticker, so control your excitement first before you open the box, then check the sticker to make sure you receive the correct change.
Kinkoo\'s refund policy offers a limited 30-day refund, so it\'s better not to open the package and give them a reason not to refund.On top of that, I was surprised to see a foreign designer.After opening the package, I saw that the design did pay off.
In terms of shape and size, this is not the power bank you normally expect.Let\'s have a look.The infinite galaxy is about the size of my Galaxy S4, so I would say it\'s about 5 inch diagonal.It has a company logo at the bottom and a battery status indicator next to the power button to make you look very clean.
The first thing you will notice is that the body is not smooth.Its surface is like matte.I personally don\'t mind because it gives people a lasting feeling.In my other review, the power bank of the review features a smooth polished plastic machine.
Comparing the two, I really can\'t decide which one I prefer.Kinkoo did a great job in design choices.I don\'t feel like adding this matte cross finish makes the power pack feel like it\'s wrapped in some plain cheap plastic.List the contents and of course you will find the power bank.
It also comes with miro-The fiber carrying bag you don\'t see very often.In addition, you have instructions.I highly recommend reading it and saving it later.It lists the technical specifications that will be useful if you travel by plane.
I didn\'t think so much before, but the instructions caught my attention.Airlines haveTherefore, it is important to ensure that the power bank meets these standards.I did a quick check online and anything below 100 WH seems to be acceptable.
However, it is better to confirm with your personal airline to make sure this power bank is acceptableAlthough it stated that it was approved by TSA.Finally, there is no one, but two USB to MicroUSB cable for your convenience.We will look at this further in this review.
As mentioned earlier, power bank\'s body supports a matte feel, making it look and feel great.The actual material is just two hard plastic shells placed in the middle.Given my hands-It can definitely withstand a few drops, bruises and bumps from experience.
One advantage of the rough plastic surface relative to the smooth plastic surface is the visibility of scratches.No scratchesAnother major advantage is the existence of the Golden nine.It is definitely the perfect companion for outdoor travel and adventure use.
Very clean back, technical specifications provided again.Note that the input status is 2A max, so you do not have to charge the power supply group with a 2A wall adapter.It is very good to charge the power supply group via 1A wall adapter or 650 mAh computer USB port.
I do not recommend doing so mainly for efficiency reasons.Why does it take longer when you can spend less time recharging the power bank?Charging the power group using my Samsung 2A output wall adapter, I watched for 4 hours and 7 minutes.If you fall to the 1A wall adapter, the charging time will double to eight hours if the current of the wall adapter does not fluctuate.
Since Kinkoo does not have a wall adapter, I recommend investing in a good 2A wall adapter to speed up the charging time.Be sure to do some research on wall adapters as well, as cheaper wall adapters tend to be poorly made.Due to the lack of current control, their internal circuits are often simpler.
The output current is close to 2A.
I have done a charging log detailing the time it took to charge the 2,600 battery with this power group.I posted this below to give you a general idea of how long it will take to charge the Galaxy s4.As you can see, Kinkoo infinite One is very thin.
On its website, the thickness is 0.
4 inches.
I think that\'s one of the reasons for choosing a lithium polymer battery.Unlike lithium-Lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries do not have to have a rigid shape, which allows them to span larger areas while reducing the overall thickness.Compared to lithiumThe production cost of ion batteries, polymer batteries is higher, and we can see this from its huge price tag.
However, please rest assured that it is worth every penny, especially considering the polymer in lithium-ion.This is in terms of overheating and flammable.Finally, they lost less than 0 of their storage life.
1% capacity per month, which makes Kinkoo ideal for daily use and emergency use.If a natural disaster occurs, it may be a good idea to consider packing one of them with your survival bag.Unfortunately, unlike other power banks I have reviewed, you don\'t get a built-inin LED light.
It\'s bad for some people, and it\'s not a big deal for me because I can use the flash on my smartphone.Another drawback you will notice is that there is only one USB charger port.This means that only one device can be charged at a time.
This can be a problem for some people who use multiple devices outdoors as it requires you to compromise.However, considering the fast charging speed, it is not harmful to partially charge one device and then change it to another.This is a close-up of the power button and four LED lights.
Two were lit when it arrived, so I would like to be 50% full because each represents 25%.From the look, there is not much light leakage in the placeholder next to it.This provides simple visibility to confirm at a glance how much juice is left in the power bank.
These LED lights are very bright in the dark.They flash during charging, so when all four lights give out a continuous blue glow, the power pack is fully charged.Once a charge is required, the 25% light will start to flash and eventually turn off completely to prevent the power group from turning back on.
When the device is not inserted, its efficient design can also be recognized.It will auto-Unless a USB slot is inserted, it is turned off within five seconds.This smart feature is just one of the simple ways that a power bank can use its power effectively.
This function is actually very useful.
I did accidentally pull out the power cord from the power pack.If it does not have this function, it will discharge all the time.The power button is very direct.No price and hold required.One click will turn on the power group and the other will turn off the power group.
There are no separate power lights;When the LED light is on or off, it is either on or off.Finally, this picture provides a better close rangeTexture of the surface of the power supply group.When it moves to the side, the edge is tilted a bit inward.
Both sides went well.
Only the direct top and bottom surfaces have such a mesh texture to root out.If you happen to have a black change, let me know what you think of it, and if so, let\'s compare the difference.The charging log and efficiency test is to test the actual performance of the battery.
Instead of listing the specs and calculating the theoretical fees, I actually did two Tests and recorded the details.The charging log was benchmark with my Samsung Galaxy S4 2,600 mAh battery smartphone.This will give you a general idea of how long it will take to charge your smartphone.
Since the battery capacity of the Galaxy S4 is much larger than most smartphones, your charging time should generally be disappointing.The efficiency test is to measure the real charging capacity of the power bank.Given the full 2A output of my adapter according to the spec, it takes about four hours to charge the power group.
However, the current fluctuates, so in order to achieve satisfactory efficiency, the target time will be based on about four hours.The charging log shows that the actual output current of the power supply group is 1.11A.It should charge my device in about 1 minute.
If it does provide true 2 hours.
1A output.
However, this could be Samsung\'s lithium-ion battery.There are three stages of chargingFast, full, fine flow.Please note that, according to the charging log, the power bank spends the most time on tickle charging.
My suggestion is to charge your device 90% with the power group.The additional 10% trickle charge reduces the total average current, thus slowing down the charging completion time.Of course, we also need to do efficiency testing on Kinkoo.
This is to charge Kinkoo from empty and measure the time required.However, due to the nature of only four increments, we will only clock the charge from empty to full instead of incremental.The power bank took a lot longer than I thought.
The absolute charging time is five hours and forty hours.eight minutes.I will shorten the process to less than six hours as the charging speed changes with the adapter.I\'m using Samsung 2.1A adapter.I would suggest higher than the lower level but not too high as the said current is likely to be the theoretical current rather than the actual one.
Instead of one, Kinkoo has two USB to micro-USB cords.The shorter 20 cm is used to connect the power bank to your device, whether it\'s a smartphone or a tablet.A longer rope shakes.This may not be a problem if the power bank can be placed in a stable place.
However, it isn\' t is very convenient if you are inthe-go.The shorter power cord enables you to hold the power supply set and equipment in your hands with minimal cable interference.The longer 100 cm line hook is better with the wall adapter as it provides an additional contact range.
I was a little surprised to see that these USB cables are all branded Kinkoo.They took extra steps to press the ends of the grain.Because of the black wrapping paper, it is difficult to see in the photo.
Of course it\'s not a big deal.
these jobs are good.
I should also mention that any universal USB to micro-While I do notice that the Kinkoo line is slightly thicker than your usual normal line, the USB line works.Although I can\'t see the meaning of MicroI think this is a good fiber material.There is no actual purpose.It is impossible to clean the power bank with microfiber pouch.
I think it is possible to clean the screen of your device with a bag, but it will pick up the dust particles.This bag is a good choice anyway.The above figure shows the installation of the power supply group in the pouch.I keep the extra space for the shorter 20 cm USB to microUSB cable insideI didn\'t put 100 cm long in it because it fits better.
It is not a problem to put the wires together with the power supply group.The problem is to put the power in the bag when the wire is already inside.It\'s too much trouble and I don\'t want to keep unplugging the wires in order to put everything back in place.
When I\'m out (commuting), I usually can\'t find the chance to charge the power bank, so the longer wires I use to charge stay at home.Kinkoo Infinite One is One of the few power banks that did not meet expectations.One of the reasons is that lithium polymer batteries in lithium-ions.
It has an incredible shelf life and the charging test does provide an output charge close to 2A so you can expect a quick charge of the device.TSA is safe, so it is definitely an extra benefit to speed up travel.I personally go through the bus and train almost every day, so this can charge my device twice, and more is definitely an extra benefit to me.
Because it\'s 0.
The thickness is 4 inch, especially those skinny jeans pockets, which are easy to slip.You may notice slight wiping sadness when it wipes to your waist, but the user experience will vary.I have not noticed any defects in this power bank and I am satisfied.
I will give this nine points.
5 out of 10.
All I need to do is Dock 0USB port availability is 5 off.It\'s a real shame that this can\'t be a power bank that delivers twin 2.1A output
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