Kia Soul goes hi-tech with all-electric motor

by:CTECHi     2020-05-03
2015 soul EV2015 soul EVThe Kia Soul since its launch a few years ago, with the push of a group of lovely hip hamster, all its decorative levels have been a great success.Kia Soul is developing steadily every year, as is the hamster gang, and it becomes more and more complex with the production every year.The hamster has developed into an engineering and scientific type to promote the new 2015 Kia Soul EV-An all-electric vehicle with a mileage of 100 miles.Soul electric cars have the bestin-class EPA-On the highway, the estimated mileage is 93 miles, the MPGe is 92 miles, and the city is 120 miles (105 miles ).The power of the new Soul electric vehicle comes from the AC synchronous permanent magnet electric liquid installed in frontCooling motor with lithiumIon polymer battery pack.The battery capacity of 12 v is 45.Including a car charger-6.6 KW with level 1 and Level 2 ports plus DC fast charging port.The efficient electric motor offers 109 horsepower and a torque of 210.The energy generated is driven through a front wheel-Deceleration gear with 8.206 ratio.Stop working by active hydraulic power four-Wheel plate with electric motor polarity reversal 9% (before ventilation/after solid )-12% kinetic energy recovery regenerative braking at first glance, this new Kia Soul EV looks very much like the rest of the Soul lineup, but there are some notable features in its styling execution, make it different from the rest of the package, such as a smooth front look, no grille, a cleverly hidden charging port, a special front area \"Eco Electric\" and a back door logo;Obvious lack of exhaust pipes;Through special, super, low rolling resistance tires, the slotted disc alloy wheels wear.In other words, Kia Soul Electric has managed to retain its stylish, lovely design form.There are two levels of decorationBasic Soul electric cars and more upscale Kia Soul electric cars.The price of Soul EV ranges from $33,700 for the base model to $35,700 for Soul EV (both prices do not include a $7,500 federal tax refund ).The rental price is expected to be $249 per month.Standard Soul EV amenities include navigation with 8 camerasInch screen, a 6.6kW on-Motherboard charger, fast charging port for CHAdeMO DC, rear camera display, Bluetooth hands-free operation, power window, driver seat, cruise control, and exclusive HVAC system, designed to expand driving range by minimizing energy consumption.In response to range anxiety and charging options, Soul EV makes charging easy by plugging in any standard 120 v socket or a traditional 240 v EV charger.All charging ports are located behind the sliding door located at the front grille.The charging time of the fully exhausted battery using the standard 120 v socket ranges from 24 hours, and the charging time for inserting the 240 v socket ranges from 4 hours to 5 hours.Summary: the advantage of Soul EV is to be one of the more visually attractive electric vehicles on the market today.Its scope is acceptable and its pricing structure is competitive.In terms of performance, it provides fast acceleration and responsive braking.Comfortable ride quality, movement features.Soul EV has also achieved good results in the security, connectivity and entertainment sectors.At the end of the day, the 2015 Kia Soul EV is a completely satisfactory and pleasant electric vehicle, with a reasonably affordable package, taking into account its functionality and the level of content of the equipment.In terms of size and market category, it may be the best option overall.What will the hamster come up with next?Basic price for 2015 Kia Soul EV: $35,700 test price: $36,500 engine/transmission: 3.5-liter, 290-horsepower V6;Automatic Wheelbase: 101.Length 163.Width: 70.Height: 63.
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