Jury shown pictures of London car bombs

by:CTECHi     2019-11-27
Islamic terrorists allegedly tried to detonate the devices 15 times before they fled to Scotland, driving a burning Jeep into Glasgow airport.
The bomb will be detonated using the Nokia payment system. as-you-
Crown Court in Woolwich heard that go phones showed some missed calls.
These people, Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdulla and Indian doctoral student Kafeel Ahmed are allegedly trying to use in Asda, lampshade and hi-fi speakers.
One of the green Mercedes-Benz parked in the bus lane outside Tiger night club, where a nightclub manager found it and was demolished by a fireman in the early hours of June 29.
Another blue Mercedes parked at the bus stop on the side of the road.
On the nearby street, the Westminster parking administrator was taken to an NCP parking lot in the park with wheels. Al-
Al-Qaida trials in Saudi Arabia\'s courts told the jihadist plot that it had been partially ignited, but the lack of oxygen in the car prevented the explosion.
The bombs were allegedly detonated by a mobile phone with wires attached to the board console and the 9 v Duracell battery.
The ignition device is a syringe with a matchhead and a car bulb.
The court was informed that the patio gas tank purchased at B & Q and placed on the rear foot pedal had been converted into capable of exploding.
Mark Heywood prosecutting said: \"It seems that the top of the cylinder and regulator has been modified, including the application of white matter and PVC tape around the outlet nozel.
\"A total of 891 2-
An inch nail was found behind the front seat of the green Mercedes, along with a dingbenzene camping gas cylinder, and four Halfords containers filled with 25 liters of gasoline were found in the boots.
Police found that four missed calls were made on an unregistered Vodafone phone and four missed calls were made on another unregistered O2 phone.
The blue Mercedes was left on the ramp outside the parking lot because the parking attendant noticed a smell of gasoline.
Pillow, quilt, lampshade, hi-
The court was told that the fi speakers were used to disguise the content, but a bomb disposal officer who arrived the following afternoon found a device similar to a green car.
There are also two phones, one of which has three missed calls, and the other four received from paid phones that have never been registered. as-you-Virgin and T-mobile phones.
Total 1,083 2-
The footrest behind the front seat was littered with inches of nails, a propane camping gas bottle, and four containers of gasoline in the boots.
Surveillance footage showed the two cars escorted outside Haymarket\'s Tiger and Tiger nightclub, leading the blue Mercedes, allegedly driven by Ahmed.
Abdallah admitted to driving a second car and spent six minutes inside after parking outside the club, allegedly launching his equipment before crossing the road.
The two cars also showed signs of being fed snacks on their way down from Houston near Paisley, Scotland, where the equipment was assembled.
It includes Ginsters cheese and onion pie, a hearty chocolate bar and a bottle of Coca-Cola.
Ahmed, 28, died of burns in an attack in Glasgow.
Abdulla, 29, and Saudi doctor Mohammed Asha, 28, who allegedly provided funding and advice, * The law must continue to initiate * denial of the murder plot and
The trial continues and the law must be terminated.
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