Ju Limei Lithium Battery No. 3 smart factory will be completed and put into production

by:CTECHi     2021-08-08

On April 15th, the new national standard for electric bicycles was officially implemented. The electric bicycle industry ushered in a new era. It also has a huge impact on the battery industry, especially the new national standard has various hard indicators for electric bicycles. , The explosion of lithium batteries is the general trend. For dealers, choosing a strong and guaranteed lithium battery company can gain a firm foothold in the era of the new national standard and become bigger and stronger!

In the past two years, Giant Lithium Battery Relying on high-quality lithium battery products, strong corporate strength, and perfect after-sales 'Wind and Cloud Brand' in the lithium battery industry.

Recently, more than 60 leaders at all levels, including the Ministry of Energy, the State Economic and Information Commission, and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, came to the headquarters of JuLiMei for inspection and marketing Director Gu personally led the leaders to visit and inspect, and gave a detailed explanation of the company's development history, product development and production process, and current market layout!

The leaders are full of praise for the technology, products, strength and service of Ju Limei Company. Some leaders said that although the technology of the giant lithium battery is very good and the quality is excellent, it must improve the quality and pay attention to safety. It can be seen that leaders at all levels have extremely high expectations for the giant lithium battery!

Of course, the giant lithium battery has an extremely rigorous process for product creation, and will never disappoint the trust of people from all walks of life! A few days ago, the newly-launched lithium battery for national-standard vehicles by Ju Limei Lithium Battery has received unanimous praise from the market, which is a concentrated expression of Ju Limei’s lithium battery product strength, brand power, and marketing power.

It has been learned that the giant lithium battery has established a complete research and development system covering product development, engineering design, test verification, process manufacturing and other fields. It has 21 utility model patents, 18 invention patents, industry-leading technology, to ensure the safety of each lithium battery.

This year, the No. 3 Smart Lithium Battery Factory will be completed and put into production. At that time, the giant Li-ion battery will pass high-tech automatic equipment, advanced research and development technology, and world-class Automated production lines will greatly improve the consistency of lithium battery products, and at the same time will greatly increase production capacity, alleviating the current shortage of supply in the market.

Julimei Lithium Battery is using practical actions to prove to the market that as a strong and responsible company, it must continue to work hard to improve the industry. For dealers, the era of lithium batteries has come, and it is time to make better choices!

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