japan : denso develops vehicle-to-home power supply system for electric vehicles.

by:CTECHi     2020-04-24
The electric equipment company has developed a car. to-home (V2H)
Power supply system for electric vehicles (EV)
The family energy management system designed with denso (HEMS).
\"Denso and Toyota are working together to develop a V2H power supply system that uses alternating current and have been using plugs for demo testing
Hybrid vehicles (PHV)
In order to ensure that the system can use energy effectively, \"said Hikaru Sugi, senior executive director and president and CEO of DENSO International USA. .
\"With our newly developed system, we will now conduct demo tests on V2H power systems that can also be used in electric vehicles.
\"The V2H system can quickly charge the electric vehicle through the HEMS battery and supply the power in the electric vehicle to the home.
In addition, the system can efficiently distribute electricity, including electricity generated by residential photovoltaic systems (solar panels)
Reach electric cars and families through HEMS coordination.
The two main functions of the new system are as follows: Use the HEMS battery quick charging function because the electric car is the battery-
The battery needs a quick charge to make the car practical and practical, especially when the battery is low.
However, the fast charger uses a lot of power, resulting in an increase in the consumer\'s choice contract/Bill, which is difficult to install for home use.
Denso\'s new system can quickly supply power stored in the HEMS battery to electric vehicles when charging at home, which does not require a dedicated charging device.
Within 15 minutes of charging with the electric charging system, the electric vehicle can travel 20 kilometers (12. 43 miles). Eco-
V2H features: HEMS can estimate the driving distance and home power consumption of electric vehicles per day to best manage the charging and discharging of electric vehicles and HEMS battery units.
In addition, in order to achieve energy production consumed by local consumers, the energy surplus generated by the photovoltaic system can be stored in electric vehicles or HEMSstorage batteries instead of being sold to local power companies.
During the peak power consumption period, the remaining power stored in the HEMS battery is supplied home to achieve peak power transfer.
These features require technology that combines electric cars and commercial power to the electricity that is provided to the home.
In addition, in emergencies such as natural disasters, the electricity stored by electric vehicles can be used at home like PHV.
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