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by:CTECHi     2019-12-12
Space Research Organization of India (India)Isro)
The qualification application was issued on Tuesday (RFQ)
Transfer it in-
Li\'s Housing Technologyion (Lithium Ion)cell.
Space Center by Vikram Sarabhai (VSSC)
Indian Space Research Organization is looking
Establish the exclusive Foundation of Li-
Domestic Ion battery production facilities.
Isro said the initiative is expected to enable India to achieve a zero emission policy and accelerate the development of the local electric vehicle industry.
The inquiry was issued a few months after the cabinet committee suggested that isro\'s technology must be commercially used, especially on electric vehicles under the \"Made in India\" program.
At the end of last year, the former National Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
Sir, member of nickel titanium Aayog Saraswat VK said there should be large lithium in India
To reduce dependence on China and Japan.
RFQ program in India/Start-qualified and shortlisted for the right industry
Ups, according to the qualification criteria, passes the public assessment process in accordance with the procedures specified in the document.
Currently, lithium-
Ion batteries, the most important battery system, can meet the various social needs including mobile phones, laptops, PDA, cameras and many other portable consumer electronics.
Latest progress of Li
Ion battery technology also makes it the preferred power source for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, the document says.
It added that Li
Ion batteries are widely used in electronic products, telecom, industrial applications and aerospace.
Isro will provide the transfer of this technology to competent Indian industry/start-upsups on non-
Establish the exclusive Foundation of Li-
The country\'s ion battery production facility can produce batteries of different sizes, capacity, energy density and power density to meet the entire power storage needs.
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