Is there any connection between Tesla's so many spontaneous combustion incidents and the use of cheap 18650 lithium-ion batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-30

In the past few years, Tesla crashed and burned one after another, and Tesla was able to overcome the difficulties every time. Now, the combustion mode is not very useful anymore. On February 19, 2017, a Tesla ModelX was involved in an accident on a section of 8 kilometers and 800 meters north of the Guangzhou Branch of Shenhai Expressway, and then it caught fire and exploded, pushing Tesla in a suspicious direction. In this regard, Tesla and many domestic automobile companies such as BYD, Nissan, BAIC, etc. use iron-lithium-ion batteries, manganese lithium-ion batteries, and ternary lithium-ion batteries that are not the same.

From the various disassembled Tesla batteries on the Internet, Tesla generally uses cylindrical 18650 lithium-ion batteries. This kind of battery looks similar to the AA battery we use, except that it looks bigger and thicker. (Myauto) Why do big factories like Tesla use such cheap 18650 batteries? Is it to save costs to deceive Chinese consumers?

Tesla's use of 18650 batteries certainly has the purpose of saving costs, but to deceive Chinese consumers? Sorry, long before Chinese consumers bought Tesla, they used 18650 batteries. If it was done to deceive Chinese consumers, it would be really dedicated! If you want to deceive, you must first deceive the American imperialist consumers who are living in dire straits!

18650 itself, as a mature standard (developed by SONY), is much safer than other packaged lithium-ion batteries. The shape of the shell is firm and compression-resistant, and the positive and negative electrodes are strictly separated , The electrolyte is not easy to precipitate. At the same time, the energy density is high, which is simply more power. And due to the mature technology, the consistency of the batteries is also very good, and the price is even more affordable. Many of the various power banks on the market are 18650 batteries, which are safe, reliable, durable and cheap in daily environments, which are their advantages.

Let’s take a look at Tesla. How did it start to produce electric cars? Almost poor and white, there is no battery production capacity of its own, enough battery life, cheap prices, and ready-made batteries on the market instead of getting into a deadlock due to battery procurement at the beginning, Tesla chose to use mature 18650 lithium ion battery.

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