Is Palm\'s new wireless charger really wireless?

by:CTECHi     2020-03-23
If you\'re like a typical geek, you might spend quite a bit of time on the couch, plug the phone in one socket on the wall, and plug the computer in another socket, your iPod is plugged into your computer and your camera is plugged in somewhere else. Mamma Mia!
Wouldn\'t it be nice if super smart people came up with a way to charge the device without all the wires, like Bluetooth technology allows you to talk with your phone across the room?
A lot of companies will tell you--
In press releases and photos-
They came up with such a device.
A big selling point for Palm Pre is that the upcoming new wunderphone can be charged \"wirelessly\" with the new Touchstone wireless charger.
Photo Display wire-
Free charger, you just have to drop your phone and it will magically charge.
Of course, it is impressive: Palm is clearly the first mobile phone company to vigorously push the inductive charger, which is the same as an electric toothbrush.
But be careful with the word \"wireless.
\"Although the photos are not shown, the touchstone still needs to be plugged into the wall and the phone has to touch the charging dock.
So, if you\'re imagining some sort of charger, it will bring more vitality to your phone when you\'re walking around the room ---
Even into the bathroom--
Now your dreams are gone.
You\'re still with this wall.
Same as the case-
BlackBerry Bold and iPod companion fuel, a suitcase and phone charger shouted to me from my email
This morning\'s mail inbox, \"You can now avoid being tied to a wall when your battery drops to a bar. \"Well, a little.
The fuel itself is not a charger, but an additional battery pack powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
So, are we able to disconnect the wires we have with the wall sockets while charging our devices and roam freely?
Yes, John Shearer, founder of Pittsburgh Powercast, said the company is working on a technology that wirelessly supplies low-level powerpower devices.
He said the technology is becoming more and more powerful because of the growing demand for electricity from mobile phones.
However, he believes the technology will not become mainstream in the next five years.
\"It will take a long time for big companies to adopt new technologies,\" he said . \".
For example, handset manufacturers must make phones that can use this charging method.
Currently, you can\'t go to the store to buy this charger to work on any device, he said.
At the same time, Shearer says other wireless chargers have to do the same.
As long as you realize that no matter what the picture shows, they are not really wireless networks.
Don\'t believe those photos.
He said: \"Photos of shopping. --
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