Is it feasible to combine lithium batteries and lead batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-09

Currently, the market space of lead-acid batteries is constantly being invaded by lithium batteries, and many old-brand lead-acid battery companies in China have to start their own transformation. The increasingly broad energy storage market has become the first choice. How do established lead-acid battery companies view the development of the energy storage market and how will they be deployed? With these questions, a reporter from China Electric Power News interviewed Lin Xiaodong, chief engineer of the network energy battery product line of Leoch International Technology Co., Ltd.

China Electric Power News: Where do you think is the dawn of the energy storage industry?

Lin Xiaodong: Many of the current energy storage industries discuss what we can do from a technical point of view, but rarely discuss the development of energy storage from the perspective of customer needs. If everyone generally believes that the incremental electricity consumption of the Science and Technology Park is one of the opportunities for energy storage, it may not be necessary in my opinion. Incremental electricity consumption has a very mature solution for grid companies. Is it cost-effective to use energy storage to solve the problem of incremental electricity consumption? This is a question worth thinking about. From the user's point of view, they will also be more inclined to choose a more economical, more reliable, and more traditionally experienced solution.

From the perspective of power grid companies, it is impossible for them to share their inherent part of the cake with others. This is why the capacity of the market appears to be so huge, but it is difficult to find a project. ? ? Everyone predicts that the compound annual growth rate of the global energy storage industry should be 6.4%, and my country may even faster. But at present, we need to calmly think about what business model is suitable for energy storage. This is one of the reasons why Leoch International has been deploying energy storage, but has not yet made a large-scale investment. Once the business model is clear, it is time for energy storage to really explode.

China Electric Power News: Would you please talk about the development trend of energy storage from a technical point of view?

Lin Xiaodong: Look at the two major systems of lithium batteries and lead storage batteries that currently dominate the electrochemical energy storage market. The advantage of lead storage is high safety, but it also has the problems of bulkiness, low energy density, and slow charging. In addition to the advantages of high specific power and specific energy, lithium batteries are becoming more and more important in their small size. However, lithium batteries are combustible from materials to shells, so it takes a lot of effort and many means to ensure the safety of lithium batteries. .

How to combine the safety of lead-acid batteries with the energy density advantages of lithium batteries is a development trend of energy storage power stations in the future. For example, in an energy storage power station, part of the use of lead storage, part of the use of lithium batteries, there are now practical projects. However, some prerequisites are also required, such as the area of u200bu200bthe station and the power consumption of the service area. In addition, lithium batteries and lead should be further studied in the configuration of the battery management system (BMS)? How to solve the problem of different battery life.

China Electric Power News: What layout does Leoch International have in the energy storage market?

Lin Xiaodong: In recent years, the price of lithium batteries has tended to border on lead storage, coupled with the huge number of retired power batteries for new energy vehicles, China Tower, one of the important users of lead storage batteries last year It has been announced that lead-acid batteries will no longer be used, and lead-acid battery companies have to face transformation.

On the one hand, Leoch International has begun to develop in a new technological direction. Leoch International’s lithium battery production line is expanding. In the future, it will produce lithium batteries dedicated to energy storage. On the other hand, it is also actively developing new business segments. Leoch International has launched a series of energy storage projects including the key photovoltaic power generation and consumption research and development project of State Grid Jinzhai, the energy storage scientific research demonstration project of Guizhou University, and the Sichuan Ganzi Chuandeng project. project. In addition, Leoch International is also continuously strengthening overseas markets. At present, Leoch International's domestic delivery projects are mainly lead-carbon, and overseas are more focused on lithium-ion battery solutions. Based on this, the company is also increasing investment and construction of lithium-ion batteries.

The development of the environmental protection industry and the field of new energy is bound to be a major trend in the future. As a leader in the battery industry, Leoch International will also seize the opportunity and strive to become a new energy source. A pioneer and practitioner in the field of energy storage.

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