Is it Bad to Charge Your Smartphone Overnight?

by:CTECHi     2020-03-05
Many smartphone users say charging the phone overnight will reduce battery life.
Study the working principle of an ordinary mobile phone battery here, and expose the myth once and for all.
Old phone contains nickel
The CD battery showing the \"memory effect\", where the battery that is charged without completely exhausting the battery does not charge to 100%, but charges to the previously fixed memory point.
This caused a rumor that NiMH, Li-ion, and Li-
The cell phone battery of the Po type must be completely exhausted before a charging session is made.
Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives and have been around us all the time to help us communicate, manage bank accounts and more.
However, smartphones will only be useful if the battery is running well.
It is a common practice for smartphone users to charge their phones for a long time, especially when users sleep, but charging their phones overnight is not good for the battery?
Let\'s learn more about the consequences and rumors of this topic.
Effect of charging Liion/Li-
Today, most smartphones include Li-ion batteries.
These batteries have a limited life span or can be charged for a specific number of charges before they stop working.
Depending on how you use the battery, the number of charges may increase or decrease. Heat and high-
Voltage charging is the main reason for the shortened battery life.
Due to a mechanism to reduce the voltage to achieve a damage-free charge, a good charger usually maintains a high voltage.
However, users must pay close attention to the fever of the phone, which usually occurs during deep/long charging.
The myth that the phone has been charging from empty to full is due to the use of Ni-Cad batteries.
Old phone with nickel
Unlike the Li-battery, the CD battery works better with a long or deeper chargeion/Li-Po peers. Normally, Li-ion/Li-
The Po battery has about a thousand charging cycles before reducing energy (one charging cycle is about a full discharge and charge to 100%)
Any smartphone, whether it\'s Android, iOS or any other model containing lithium
The ion battery has advanced circuits that prevent excessive charging of the battery.
However, putting the phone on the charger for a long time every day may gradually reduce the performance of the battery and reduce the life of the battery.
Ideally, the battery of the phone should be discharged to 60% and then charged to the phone.
This is because charging lithium batteries
The ion battery heats the battery from empty to full for a period of time, and reduces the life of the battery by gradually changing the chemical structure of the material in the battery.
It is recommended that you remove the phone from the charger when it reaches 100%.
If possible, try charging your phone during the day so you can turn it off at the right time.
Completely draining the battery, it is OK to give it a deep charge once in a few months as it does not cause significant damage.
In fact, it can be used to recalibrate the battery power in the phone, which may show the wrong reading.
Note that full discharge actually means the battery has reached about 5-
Energy capacity of 10%.
If the battery is discharged to 0%, it will be permanently damaged and will no longer be able to charge.
This means that when your phone is out of power, a safe cut-off is indicated in order to protect it.
Extreme cold or hot weather can greatly affect the performance of the battery.
It\'s best to keep your phone at about 63 degrees Fahrenheit.
It\'s best to charge your phone every day for a short period of time, instead of completely draining the battery before powering it up.
Turning off the phone occasionally gives the device some rest and extends the life of the battery.
Never use cheap fake charger brands as they damage battery life and increase the risk of fire and electric shock. The use of off-
The variant of the brand is acceptable, but your best option is to stick to the original company charger.
The use of smartphones will also affect the life of the battery.
Therefore, it is important to use the gadget at least once a day and recharge it if necessary.
In phones with iOS, people have to update to the latest version of iOS on a regular basis because they contain performance enhancements to the battery.
Turn off Bluetooth and wireless-
This will increase battery life when not in use.
The sound and brightness settings can also be lowered to extend battery life.
Charge the phone only when it needs to be charged, because even though it\'s full, charging it every day can damage the battery.
Using a wall charger is better for battery health than using a car or USB computer charger.
Therefore, charging overnight does not really damage the battery as long as it is charged irregularly.
These tips should help your phone\'s battery last for at least a few years.
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