Is a Solar-Powered Car Coming Soon?

by:CTECHi     2020-03-29
GM\'s venture capital division, General venture capital, recently announced a $7 investment.
Michigan investment 5 million
Based on the logic of the sun
Power station for electric vehicles.
GM also revealed that it promised to increase its plant\'s solar power generation to 60 MW.
Top plane largesolarrays
A roof-top GM factory can significantly reduce the company\'s carbon emissions and help it make progress on alternative energy issues.
But does solar really play a big role in powering cars? Nah. GM--
Other car manufacturers-
There is still a distance from the \"solar car\", which can actually be powered by its own small photovoltaic panels.
The public has a lot of confusion about this because automakers boast that they add solar energy to their cars, but cars that rely solely on PV will not happen now or in the future.
The limit of more and more cars in SolarAn actually has small roofsor spoiler-
Installed solar panels, but they are mostly a feelinggood exercise.
Even the phrase \"solar cars\" is misleading, because it is impossible to run any kind of practical car with its own solar panels.
You have to strip the car from the absolute fundamentals. -
A frame, a seat, a wheel, an electric motor--
Just to get something to roll and compete in the solar race.
Electric vehicles are big energy consumers, and they need a large battery pack even if they are given a 100 battery. mile range.
The roof of the car does not have much space to accommodate solar panels, so a roof that is sized for an ordinary car can only provide very little power and is not enough to drive the car.
Trends in the testimony of NewsTrump MAGA RallyMcGahn?
A tornado threatens a car.
The installed solar panels may help power the CD player, or--
In the case of Toyota Prius\'s options ---
Provide some useful air circulation when the car is parked.
The upcoming Fisker Karma will also have a solar panel on the options list, which makes sense because it has a lot of fancy green technology (including Dashwood recycled from the bottom of the river)
But who can deny the existence of the car showroom?
Install solar energy for green consumers?
Panels can be mounted on the top of the car or even incorporated into the structure of the convertible top as a thin film photovoltaic film?
In fact, the last one was fantasy, but when it was announced as part of a fool\'s joke in April, it had a lot of miles.
Some automakers have chosen some form of solar aid and are surprised to find that consumers really like it.
About 95% of the people who ordered the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle chose the premium SL model for two main reasons
Charging port and very cool spoiler
Installed solar panels.
This is a good point of conversation, but all it does is to 12-
Volt battery.
As Mike Boxwell pointed out on the Leaf Forum: this is a very small panel.
It is not finalized, which means it is inefficient (but cheap ).
It is speculated that solar panels can generate a peak of about five to six watts, which will help to charge the phone or the satellite navigation system, but may not exceed that. A history. . .
The concept car \"solar car\" actually has a long history.
The first entry is home-
Make a car like 1970 \"Bluebird\" and \"quiet winner\" but Ford has the headlights installed
Solar power was installed in the 2006 Reflex concept car, and at about the same time Mazda installed roof panels in the same fantasy-filled Senku.
Solar accessories for Cadillac Provoq.
The French company is trying to sell a kind of three.
Passenger cars are called eclectic cars that get power from wind, battery and solar.
Too bad, it can only walk 30 miles an hour.
Hope is eternal, I think.
The cost of solar energy is falling rapidly as production rises.
Maybe one day we will be walking around on a solar car.
But that day is not in sight, and it may not be the upcoming schedule.
It is actually very useful when canopySolar is integrated into electric vehicle charging.
Sunlogic is in the process of installing a solar canopy at the Chevrolet dealership that sells Volt (the solar canopy can accommodate solar panels, double the car port ).
So far, GM has installed two Sunlogics solar canopy sets and is hoping to have 250 contracted.
These canopy can meet about 25% of the electricity demand of the dealer.
This is a special use for solar energy (GE is making similar chargers) because the fixed panel can be scaled to actually provide useful power.
The GM venture capital fund, which was set up last year with $100 million in investment, will put money into this solar energy, which makes sense.
Its other investments are also in Africa. quite-there-yet-for-the-
Automotive technology (including solid
Electric car batteries that demonstrate their forward thinking.
GM\'s brightest money has invested in bright cars that make smart plugs.
There has been a lack of development funds for hybrid cars.
I listened when GM\'s Jon laukner spoke, because although Bob Lutz won all the honors for the Chevrolet Volt, it was actually laukner who outlined
His idea is that global solar usage is expected to more than double by 2016, so we see investing in renewable energy as a smart strategic business decision.
This is undeniable, but in terms of utility size, solar will eventually prove its value ---
With real big apps covering hundreds or thousands of acres (some use mirrors to \"condense\" sun light) and replace coal and other fossil fuel plants.
It takes a lot of space for solar energy to work well and the roof of the car is too small.
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