Introduction of Lithium-Iron Battery Separator Suppliers and Companies

by:CTECHi     2021-07-20

Who are the suppliers and companies of lithium iron battery separators? As my country started late in the research and development of iron-lithium battery separators, there are only a handful of domestic companies that can produce separators. Among them, only Xingyuan Technology, Jinhui Hi-Tech, Xinxiang Green, and Guilin New Times have relatively mature technologies. , And the formation of preliminary industrialization, the localization of the diaphragm has shown a gratifying situation. Who are the suppliers and companies of lithium iron battery separators? The iron-lithium battery separator is one of the key inner layer components in the lithium battery mechanism, which has a direct impact on the capacity, cycle, and safety of the lithium battery. A high-performance separator can improve the overall performance of the lithium battery. The listed companies that produce lithium battery separators are as follows: 1. Xingyuan Material (300568): The company is a national high-tech enterprise in the field of new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles that specializes in the research and development, production and sales of lithium iron battery separators. It is also a lithium ion battery. The lead unit of the relevant national standards for battery separators and the deputy leader unit of the drafting editorial committee have become one of the most influential lithium-ion battery separator suppliers in the world. 2. Dangsheng Technology (300073): In May 2015, Jiangsu Dangsheng, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, invested in the construction of the 'Phase II Project New Power Lithium Battery Cathode Material Production Line Technical Renovation and Expansion Project'. The second phase of the project will be implemented step by step. The total investment of the first phase is 105.47 million yuan. The construction period is about 12 months. A new power lithium battery cathode material production line with an annual output of 2,000 tons will be built. 3. Nanyang Technology (002389): The company is one of the largest professional electronic film manufacturing enterprises in my country. Its main product is polypropylene electronic film, which is divided into two categories: 'base film' and 'metallized film'. The company's leading product, polypropylene electronic film for capacitors, has two categories, seven varieties, and the product thickness specifications cover the range of 2.5~18μm. The company's products with specifications of 3μm and below, metalized safety film products are the first in China, and have reached the international advanced level. 4. Sinoma Technology (002080): In May 2013, the company invested 107 million to build the '20 million square meters of iron-lithium battery separator production line' project, to build two single lines with an annual output of 10 million square meters of polyethylene (PE) diaphragms. The production line will form a production capacity with a total annual output of 20 million square meters of lithium battery separators; the project is expected to achieve an average annual sales income of 116 million, an average annual profit of 34.12 million, and a total investment yield of 33.22%. 5. Shengli Precision (002426): 2015 In November of 2011, the company completed the acquisition of 51% of the shares of Suzhou Jieli New Energy Co., Ltd. for 612 million yuan. Suzhou Jieli’s iron-lithium battery separator products have been steadily supplied to major domestic and foreign lithium battery manufacturers, such as BYD (002594), Zhuhai Guangyu, LG. 6. Fosu Technology (000973): In December 2015, it plans to invest 350 million yuan to acquire equity and increase capital to hold Shanghai Delangneng Power Battery Co., Ltd., accounting for 35% of the equity. Delangen Power Battery Company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and OEM/ODM services of lithium-ion batteries. The counterparty promises that its 2016, 2017, and 2018 years will be no less than 100 million yuan, 1.25 100 million yuan, 15625 million yuan. 7. Jinhui Hi-Tech Optoelectronics: As one of the earliest companies in China that started to manufacture lithium battery separators, Jinhui Hi-Tech once relied on the two major shareholders of BYD and Fosu Technology to achieve rapid growth and enjoy high gross profit for several years. However, with continuous breakthroughs in diaphragm technology and intensified competition, Jinhui Hi-Tech has stagnated in the context of the rapid growth of the entire diaphragm industry. At present, both in terms of scale and profit, Jinhui Hi-Tech is far behind the latecomers. In the first half of 2016, the sales revenue of Jinhui Hi-Tech Diaphragm reached 130 million yuan and the net profit was 21 million yuan. 8. Liaoyuan Hongtu: Hongtu Diaphragm has been engaged in the Ru0026D and production of primary battery separator paper before entering the iron-lithium battery separator. In 2008, it introduced a Korean technical team to target the production of high-end separators. At present, it has a 50 million square meter wet diaphragm production line, and its main customers include Lishen Battery, Sinopoly Battery, Xuran Electronics, and Zhihang New Energy. In the first half of 2016, Hongtu Diaphragm achieved sales revenue of RMB 49,363,800 and net profit of RMB 7,865,400. 9. Huiqiang New Energy: Huiqiang Diaphragm focuses on the production of high-end three-layer dry-process diaphragms, which can produce single-layer and composite lithium battery diaphragms with different specifications from 10μm to 60μm. The current production capacity is 50 million square meters, and the second-phase production capacity is 100 million square meters under construction. In 2015, it was listed on the New OTC Market, and its main customers include BYD, Fluoride, and Penghui Energy. In the first half of 2016, Huiqiang Diaphragm achieved revenue of RMB 40.03 million and net profit of RMB 11.38 million. 10. Jie Li New Energy: As one of the domestic companies focusing on wet process diaphragms, Suzhou Jie Li has a technical team that integrates China and Japan. In October 2016, Shengli Precision increased its 33.77% stake by 480 million yuan, totaling Holding 84.77% of its shares, Suzhou Jieli successfully obtained the large amount of funds needed for the company's expansion through the listing platform, becoming a domestic first-class wet-process diaphragm company, and won the international and domestic mainstream power battery customers in one fell swoop, and thus embarked on the company. The road to a virtuous circle. The above are the suppliers and companies of lithium battery separators. The small industry of separators was once the field with the highest technical barriers and the highest gross profit among the four major materials of lithium batteries. It was also the latest one for domestic manufacturers to carry out 'import substitution'. field. In addition, since the separator plays a greater role in the safety of iron-lithium batteries, trust is very important, and battery companies generally need 2 to 3 years to replace separator suppliers.

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