Integrated battery pack management: Tesla was born in Sri Lanka and died in Sri Lanka

by:CTECHi     2021-10-03
ElonMusk, the hottest geek in the automobile industry, this madman in the scientific world is almost paranoid about technology and won the name of the real Iron Man. He extended the spirit of geek to the automobile industry and founded Tesla, a pure electric car manufacturer, in an attempt to completely change the tradition. Automobile manufacturing industry. Tesla's leading trend has made the Internet of Vehicles the key layout direction of the major automotive industries in the future, and they have devoted themselves to the Internet of Vehicles with great enthusiasm, trying to find a new direction between cars and IT. So what is the situation of Tesla in my country, which has caused this geek wind? After the domestic media, Tesla turned into a destructive Godzilla, swept from the United States to our country, and aroused many people's national treasure mentality, so that three fires within five weeks were all fans. As evidence of excellent quality. Tesla’s head Alan u0026middot; Musk has become the new idol after Apple’s late CEO Jobs because of his personal charm. The heads of some domestic auto companies have been hung up by believers for raising objections to Tesla. On the pillar of shame, there was BYD’s Wang Chuanfu in front, and Geely’s Li Shufu behind, both of which were swallowed by saliva because of saying disrespectful things to Tesla. Today’s Beijing-based Tesla’s first showroom in China is crowded with customers. In-store staff have begun to issue numbers to bookers. Customers who pay a deposit of 250,000 yuan at the earliest are expected to pick up their cars in the first quarter of next year. Someone calculated the price of Tesla in my country, which is about 1 million to 1.5 million yuan. Chinese people like to line up to buy things, and local tyrants do not have privileges in Tesla stores, but the huge potential buyers of their own garages are not in a hurry, because buying Tesla is more for early taste and coolness. However, things will always go in another direction inadvertently. After three fire accidents, Tesla ModelS has become the focus of attention of US regulators. Some American investors even sued Tesla, accusing Tesla of publishing false and misleading statements, concealing the security risks of the product, and being suspected of securities. Musk said that driving a traditional gasoline car is 5 times more likely to catch a fire than driving a Tesla, and that a battery car is safer than a car with a highly flammable fuel tank. It is also because the proportion of Tesla accidents exceeds the sales base. Big, and unconvincing. Because the IT industry in the United States is so powerful that many people have serious obsessive-compulsive illusions about Musk, who is playing with IT concepts on electric vehicles. Musk, who relied on selling carbon emission targets to feed back electric cars, carried the billboard of billionaires out of the street, and he could make some people worship him. In contrast, the annual salary is only 2 million yuan, and Li Shufu, who has money to invest in his own brand, does not have so much aura on him. In fact, Li Shufu was still telling the truth this time. He said: In terms of technology itself, Tesla is integrated. As long as Tesla can be universally accepted in the world, is it not easy for Geely to produce products similar to Tesla? He also said: Can battery technology break through? This is the fundamental problem, and nothing else is a problem. One is that there is too little electricity in a battery at present; the other is safety, how to prevent danger? This test is a practice test, not an office test. Li Shufu's first sentence was about Tesla's pure outsourcing model. Musk's integrated innovation is actually left over by Li Shufu. In terms of core technology, most of Tesla's technologies are contracted by others. Unlike the technological supremacy advocated by Apple, Tesla wears an IT cloak and does work that has no technical content than some Chinese car companies. Self-owned brands such as Geely and BYD are also reverse development when they start their businesses. Many of them have transitioned to positive development, and they have done their homework from basic research to follow-up innovation. Tesla has been fully outsourced since its inception. It is a bit like some domestic car companies that are not enterprising but have a lot of money. Although they are brand-name, they are not the same. Li Shufu's second sentence is about Tesla's technical defects. On the surface, Tesla, which has an amazing driving range, actually used the dumbest way to deal with the battery problem. Tesla ModelS uses 6831 Panasonic 18650 cobalt-acid lithium-ion batteries, which can supply 85 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to support the 2.1-ton ModelS with a driving range of up to 480 kilometers. People admire Musk because he moved the network control domain to program control of tens of thousands of servers and moved it to the Tesla battery system control domain, and controlled the 6,831 small batteries with a hierarchical management method. Tesla is a product under the IT halo, and it has also replaced this cutting-edge product of electric vehicles with the world's popular IT packaging. However, no matter how strong the outsourcing technology of sci-fi businessman Musk is, he may not be fully confident in the product with the most stringent requirements for matching capabilities and safety guarantees. Wang Chuanfu, a battery engineer, once compared mainstream battery routes. He avoided Tesla's lithium cobalt oxide battery route due to thermal stability defects and chose lithium iron phosphate batteries. According to analysis, because of its poor thermal stability, lithium cobalt oxide batteries are widely used in products with low power consumption such as mobile phone batteries and laptop batteries. Musk used laptop batteries to build Tesla, once he was crowned with the title of genius. Regrettably, he will never reach Jobs's technical realm, and he will never be able to reach the technical level of Jobs. He is even less than Wang Chuanfu and Li Shufu who are willing to be Forrest Gump. After the concept of integrated innovation was deified by the domestic automobile industry, Wang Chuanfu, who favored the need to have enough food and clothing on his own, and Li Shufu, who took a step-by-step approach in the field of electric vehicles, were once ridiculed. Those who think that our country can't produce Tesla should understand our own brand even more, because they don't want to go the same way. One day, the fall of Tesla will surely give people inspiration.
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