Insufficient battery supply Tesla Semi delivery postponed

by:CTECHi     2021-09-14
The pressure of battery supply shortages encountered by OEMs has become more and more prominent. According to foreign media reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the delivery of the Tesla Semi all-electric semi-trailer truck was delayed again due to the limited supply of battery cells. The vehicle is expected to be delivered to customers in 2022. 'At the moment we are facing a shortage of battery cell supply, so Semi's delivery may have to be delayed until next year.' Musk's remarks indicate that having enough batteries has become the key to the electrification transformation of OEMs. Due to the huge power consumption of vehicles, the number of battery cells required by Semi is equivalent to five times that of Tesla's electric cars, which means that once Semi is mass-produced and delivered, Tesla's demand for power lithium batteries will increase exponentially. , And then there are huge pressures and challenges for its suppliers in battery production and delivery. In fact, in addition to Semi, Tesla's other electric vehicles on sale are also facing the pressure of a shortage of battery supply. In order to solve the problem of battery supply shortage, Tesla plans to build its own battery factory and mass-produce the new 4680 battery it announced. Its mass production goal is to reach 100GWh per year in 2022 and 3TWh per year in 2030. On the other hand, Tesla is also calling for expansion of its battery suppliers to ensure a stable battery supply for its future annual sales of 20 million electric vehicles. In addition, in order to further alleviate the pressure of battery supply shortage caused by insufficient supply of raw materials, Musk also announced that in the future, all standard endurance models of Tesla will switch from the original ternary battery to LFP battery. From the perspective of Tesla’s procurement strategy, on the one hand, Tesla is deeply binding the head battery companies of China, Japan and South Korea to lock in the production and supply of high-quality batteries. On the other hand, it is also accelerating the process of self-production of battery cells to reduce dependence on external battery procurement. , Alleviate the pressure of the shortage of battery supply.
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