indian firm launches aaa battery operated mobile phone

by:CTECHi     2020-01-17
An Indian mobile phone company has launched a low-cost mobile phone.
Cost mobile phone using commonly used AAABattery size.
The mobile phone is targeting hundreds of millions of people living in unstable areas of electricity supply.
1,699 rupees ($A38. 86)
\"Frvron\" of olive telecom \"-
Abbreviation of \"always online-
Rechargeable lithium
Common ion batteries for mobile phones, and facilities including AAA and dry batteriescell battery.
\"We have electrified all over the country, but the power supply is unstable,\" marketing manager Ravi Perti told AFP . \".
\"With our phones, all you need to do is pack some extra phones (batteries)
If a person travels in an area where the power supply is expected to be interrupted.
\"He said the phone would run for three hours in a row.
Stop on the lithium battery and use the traditional battery for another hour.
Although mobile phones are mainly aimed at the rural market, they are also suitable for urban users \".
\"This is for heavy duty users who need emergency backup batteries,\" Perti said . \".
According to government data, more than 10,000 poor villages in India do not have access to the power grid.
Even in smarter suburbs like New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, power outages are common.
Olive Telecommunication is headquartered in Gurgaon, a city next to the Indian capital, New Delhi, and is a manufacturer of mobile phones and laptops.
The fastest India in the world
According to India\'s telecom regulator, the growing mobile market has increased by an average of 15 million customers per month (TRAI)
Posted on its website.
According to government data, 45 out of every 100 people in India have mobile phones, and use in rural areas is increasing dramatically due to the world\'s lowest call costs.
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