India will build a lithium-ion battery super factory

by:CTECHi     2021-08-13

According to India's 'Economic Times' report on January 23, India plans to build the country's first gigawatt-hour lithium-ion battery factory for electric vehicles. The project will become part of the 'Made in India' initiative, which can improve the domestic production efficiency of important parts of electric vehicles. Recently, India’s LIBCOIN Consortium, Magnes Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Bharat Heavy Electric Co., Ltd. have reached an agreement with the Indian government, heavy industry sector and public enterprise sector to establish India’s first lithium-ion battery super factory. Rajan Duggal, Chairman of the LIBCOIN Consortium, commented: “We plan to become India’s largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and become a pioneer in the market. The profits generated by this project in the Indian automotive industry are undoubtedly exciting. 'The capacity of the battery plant will be increased from the initial 1 gigawatt-hour to the final 30 gigawatt-hour. Its start-up date and other details have not yet been announced, and the company is discussing this.

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