In response to extreme weather conditions, Austria develops lithium-ion titanate battery energy storage system

by:CTECHi     2021-08-28
Introduction: Bluesky Energy has launched an energy storage system based on lithium titanate oxide batteries. It is said that the new product has a service life of 20,000 cycles and can cope with extreme weather conditions well. Austria-based Bluesky Energy has launched an outdoor energy storage system that claims to be as reliable in Iceland as it is in Jordan, because it is said that this new product called 'Vigos' can cope with extreme weather conditions well. The company said it can withstand temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius; rain and frost, and scorching sun. The energy storage system can be expanded from 18kWh to 96kWh and has been delivered. It is specially developed for applications that require a large amount of power in a short period of time. Bluesky Energy uses a lithium titanate battery in its new energy storage system. It claims that the battery is neither combustible nor flammable, and has high cycle stability. The company added that the device has a service life of up to 20,000 cycles, which means it can be charged and discharged several times a day. Bluesky Energy provides a 10-year warranty for the Vigos system, which is also compatible with the manufacturer's Greenrock brine storage tank. According to the manufacturer, due to the high charge and discharge capabilities, the new energy storage system is very suitable for reducing load peaks and charging electric vehicles from the energy storage unit in a short period of time. Thomas Krausse, managing director of Bluesky Energy, said: 'If farmers operate a milking system or prepare dinner at a hotel, and guests charge their electric cars and relax in the spa, electricity consumption will increase in a short period of time. Two Companies can use the Vigos energy storage system to solve this problem, thereby saving electricity bills. Regarding higher network services and expensive and sometimes very time-consuming grid connections, there is no need to pay extra.' Vigos energy storage products have emergency power supplies, islands and blackouts. Start ability. In the event of a power failure, the system will automatically switch to its own circuit and supply the load in less than 20 milliseconds. Different energy sources can be integrated, such as block thermal power stations, photovoltaic and wind power generation systems or diesel generators. The integrated energy management system (EMS) records all relevant data, such as the remaining volume of the photovoltaic system; optimizes self-consumption; and controls the dynamic charging stations of generators, electric vehicles or other users integrated into the system. Due to the dynamic load and charging management functions, it has nothing to do with the manufacturer and can integrate multiple charging stations.
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