impossible light: how san francisco\'s bay bridge became illuminated

by:CTECHi     2020-01-04
I grew up in a small town south of San Francisco and crossed the Bay Bridge countless times, without giving too much thought to its history-how it was first opened to a four-day regional celebration in 1936, falling into the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge six months later, it quickly became one of the city\'s symbols, not only considered a bridge, but also a work of art.
Last month, when I was visiting the city, I heard the people with ME say passionately, \"Oh, look, you can see the Bay Bridge illuminated from here.
\"I looked at it from a distance and confirmed that the bridge did shine in the night sky.
But I didn\'t know anything about it at the time, so turned around to continue the conversation I was having.
Two weeks later, I met Ben Davis, the driving force behind this big company.
Participated in a private screening of the documentary impossible light: the story behind an iconic light structure.
\"I am looking forward to returning to San Francisco now, standing under the Bay Lights, the world\'s largest LED lamp sculpture, and giving due respect.
On the morning of September 18, the inspiration moment for the Bay Lights came.
Davis, who had just bought a cup of coffee near the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco, looked up at the west of the Bay Bridge, considering the upcoming 75 th anniversary of the bridge, it feels like there must be a way for the bridge to shine again in the consciousness of the area.
When the sun rises from behind it, he realizes that it is not necessarily just a functional bridge-it may become a canvas of light.
The vision made him hold his breath, but he knew that going against it would be logistical and even afraid of being considered crazy for trying.
Davis said, \"it\'s one thing to imagine the lights on the bridge.
The other thing is to figure out how to design, install them, and then hang them on the water 500 feet and traffic 200 feet in the middle of the night.
The film is largely a story of successful stakeholder engagement as there are thousands of people responsible for making the project a reality.
This involves negotiating with Caltrans and multiple government agencies to obtain the required licenses to learn best practices from expert engineers and designers to test products from a wide range of suppliers, in partnership with the highly respected artist Leo reinareal, Davis discovered him through a friend who recently attended one of his exhibitions and raised $8 million in private funding within a year.
\"This project has been killed almost thousands of times,\" said bharareal . \".
Davis admits, \"Whenever people say \'Whatever it is, \'I think that\'s for sure and go on.
\"One thing that helps, especially in the early stages, is that
Mindareal created a minute video render that has been causing people to want to turn what they see into reality.
\"It changed the rules of the game,\" Davis said . \"
Jeremy ambers, who was preparing a film while meeting Davis, was immediately interested in the bay lighting project-Ambers has been living in San Francisco for five years, the Bay Bridge has always occupied a special place in his heart, so he found that the meeting was not just a coincidence.
He felt the need to focus on the story and wanted to see how it developed, so asked Davis if he could shoot a team of his for him in the process.
Davis agreed and he said Ambers captured their journey accurately, which surprised him.
The film is interspersed with interviews, providing the necessary support
Story and emotional connection.
I especially enjoyed seeing the previous work of villaré and getting a better idea of his various sources of inspiration.
\"I \'ve always been interested in scale, but not just for scale,\" said Villareal.
For me, the unique part comes from the combination of technology, new media and software with art history, and the elements that add time and light to the conversation.
\"The Burning Man\" has a great influence.
Davis set up a non-profit organization called \"lighting up the art\" and raised his first $100,000 from WordPress founder Matt mullenweig, this allowed him to bring in Amy crechette and get expert help in executing production and fundraising.
An anonymous patron who has already been a fan of the work of Villareal and knows something about the bridge has proposed the creation of a $3 matching fund.
5 million, challenge the community chip.
It turned out to be a struggle, and in the last hour mullenweig came back and donated the last $1.
65 million of people need to complete the project and unknowingly allow Davis to tear up the loan he borrowed from his home.
One of my favorite moments in this movie is Davis reflecting on the risks he took for the project and thinking loudly about whether it really matters.
\"It\'s just the art of a bridge,\" he said.
But he looked directly at the camera and smiled and said, \"I don\'t know, it\'s important to me.
\"The installation of the opening ceremony of the Bay Lights on March 5, 2013 will continue through March 5, 2015.
Davis and his team are looking for additional funds to keep it on lighting for 10 years-which means removing the 25,000 LED lights that currently extend to 1.
8 mile infrastructure and reinstalled with optimized materials based on lessons learned.
Also on Davis\'s current agenda, light up art is a project called Pi in the sky, which includes writing Pi unlimited non in the sky
Repeat the sequence in 150-
A mile arch downtown.
As part of 2012 Zero 1 International Biennale on art and technology, the short-lived installation flew over the San Francisco Bay area for the first time in the following year, this will happen two more times-one in New York on May 28 and the other in Los Angeles with a date to be determined.
Another project quickly gaining traction in San Francisco is the light rail, which is designed to illuminate Market Street and reflect on your head what\'s going on with the transportation system under your feet.
He also has a great vision for illuminating the wall between Israel and Palestine, which is the \"light of common \".
The film \"impossible light\" recently premiered at SXSW, praised and became the official choice of the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival.
For those who are interested in seeing it in advance
Netflix, you can check out the list of upcoming movies here, or order a pre-release at baylights. org.
The story told is a powerful example of what is possible when you dream (very)
The ability to successfully engage all key stakeholders.
In many ways, the finished artwork reflects the unity needed to create it.
When asked about the impact of the Bay Lights on those who looked up at the memorial, Davis said, \"When we encounter a big event, it removes our differences, let\'s experience a wordless awe together.
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