I used the iPhone 8 for 3 years and changed the battery, but I don’t want to use it again?

by:CTECHi     2021-09-24
Before introducing iphone8plus, let us talk about my buying experience. At that time, my budget was still tight, and the high-priced iphoneX was at a loss. More than 8,000 workers like me were really expensive. Finally, it took a month and a half to start the basic version of iphone8plus, which reached 64GB. Unknowingly, iphone8plus has been used for 3 years, during which time I changed a battery, it was smooth and no card, but I don’t want to use it anymore! It can be seen that many game anchors are still accustomed to using iPhone8plus instead of full-screen iPhone. They think that the special-shaped screen will affect their gaming experience, coupled with the classic home key unlock button, personally think that TouchID feels more comfortable than FaceID! Changing a battery in the middle of these three years is the CPU, and the storage is perfect, so the battery is a consumable. Over the past few years, after hundreds of charging cycles, the capacity of iphone8plus was only 75% left, so I decisively replaced a battery. The current battery capacity is 92%, and it can be used for one day in a medium mode. The iphone8plus in my hand has not been disassembled, but the battery has been simply replaced. In the past 2 years, the case has been added and the overall protection is very good. In the future, I think the phone itself will be changed, so you can tear off the film before replacing it to feel the most original feel. Don't say that the iphone8plus 3 years ago and feel really not. It is much lighter than the iPhone12Pro Max in my friend's hand. The LCD screen is not too hot to use at night. I want to upgrade my child to OS10 during this time. From the perspective of system liquidity, iphone8plus has no card at all. In other words, the loading speed of the game is not as good as the new model, and the stability after entering the game is as good as always. The 60hz brush is insufficient, and the game seems to be delayed. It may be that 120hz screen mobile phones have been used a lot not long ago, and I am not used to it after returning to iphone8plus. But during this time, I met an old friend and ate with my girlfriend. I used the new iphone12 and asked me to take pictures for him. I just wanted to show off my photography skills. I didn't expect to become an iphone8 plus a 'rollover'! Because the light was dark at the time, iphone8plus did not support Super Night Scene, and I am not sorry, the photos I took were so dark that there was no texture, and finally my girlfriend asked me to delete the photos. I said that my mobile phone camera technology is not good. Later, my friend pointed to my iPhone8plus and said why the phone was not replaced. My phone says that taking pictures is too bad. The embarrassment at the time suffocated me. This lowered my psychology at the time. Although the mobile phone is not a card, the iphone8plus does not seem to be necessary. That seems to have reached the 'retirement' stage. When the era of full screen is coming, I don't recommend that you continue to replace the battery and stick to iphone8plus. Of course, if you just want to buy a spare machine, the second-hand iphone8plus has now dropped to 1929 yuan. But it also has a certain reference value. Do you agree?
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