Hyundai\'s first U.S. hybrid a winner

by:CTECHi     2020-02-09
Modern first gasoline-
Electric models in the United StatesS.
Market, Sonata Hybrid (
$25,850 plus $750 for shipping)
The company\'s sales soared earlier this year due to a recent rise in gasoline prices.
Although prices have fallen in recent weeks, they are now starting to pick up again, as consumers expect.
That\'s why hybrid cars like Sonata are still selling well.
It seems to be understood that the decline in pump prices is not normal, and more increases are inevitable.
For the 2012, there is also a similar price Kia Optima Hybrid, based on the same design as the Sonata.
Kia is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor in South Korea. The two companies have multiple car platforms.
Both were rated by EPA as 35 mpg city/40 highway/37 combined, which is decent, though well below the rating of 51 city/48 highway/50 groundbreaking\'s groundbreaking Toyota Prius.
This is also below the 43/39 rating of the redesigned 2012/41 Toyota Camry hybrid.
Unlike the Prius, the Sonata Hybrid has almost the same gasoline
Only Version 2011 is completely redesigned.
The mix is based on the redesigned Sonata and is a regular
Looks like a hybrid.
Only a design like Prius or 2012 Honda Insight, which is a near clone of Prius.
When the configuration is the same, the price of Sonata and Prius is similar.
Sonata has only one trim level, but the option price could fall to a low of $30,000.
For example, the price of our 2012 Sonata Hybrid test car is as high as $32,235, including shipping and options.
Including the ultimate package ($5,500)
Added a touchscreen in-
Return-dashboard navigation system
Camera, panoramic double sunroof, leather seat and leather-
Steering wheel/shift knob, heated front and rear seats, unlimited premium speakers/subwoofer/external amplifier, automatic
Dimming rearview mirror (
With universal garage opener and Compass)
Premium Metal
Grain threshold plate.
Unique Additional features
Carpet mats ($100)
Connection cable with iPod ($35).
But there is no need for all this extra stuff to have a very good hybrid sedan with plenty of room for five passengers and their luggage.
No choice, the sticker price is only $26,600, $150 lower than Camry hybrid.
Sonata is equipped with its own modern direct Hybrid Blue drive system
Cylinder gasoline engine combined with motor.
The system is in-
The Modern House, which includes several technologies first, allows it to provide some features that are not available on the competitor\'s system.
For example, Sonata can reach 62 miles per hour in terms of electricity alone;
Competitors are limited to about 25 miles per hour.
However, the range of electricity alone is limited to a mile or so, because it is the case in most competitions.
The hybrid power system adopts 1. 4-kilowatt-hour lithium-
Polymer battery pack weighing only 95. 9 pounds.
One question that many potential hybrid buyers will ask is how long the battery will last.
Hyundai says that sonata should not be in 10-
The annual service life of the car. The lithium-
The charging time of the polymer battery is also 25% longer than that of the nickel battery. metal-
Hyundai says, like the hydrogen battery found in Camry, which means it will have more power consumption after sitting for a few days without using it.
Nissan\'s Leaf electric car and Chevrolet plug-
Lithium in hybrid power-ion batteries.
Modern says its lithium
The polymer battery is the next generation of lithium-
Ion battery technology
In Sonata, a 30-
KW motor with gasoline engine and traditional six-
Automatic speed transmission.
Most other hybrid cars use a continuously variable automatic transmission, but the transmission of the Sonata model is basically the same as the one used in gasoline
Only the version of this car
The power is very impressive in our test vehicles, especially in hybrid cars.
There are up to 151 feet-
The motor of Sonata immediately provides pound torque, which is connected to the input of the transmission to replace the torque converter.
The motor is internally disconnected from 2 using a multi-piece clutch assembly. 4-liter four-
Electric cylinder gasoline enginemotor-only operation.
The gasoline engine itself provides 166 horsepower and 154 feet-
Torque pound.
Electric motors and gasoline engines are combined, with a power of 206 horsepower and 193 feet horsepower, respectively.
Torque pound (
Not all motors and gasoline engines are available at the same time).
Its gasoline engine uses
The Atkinson cycle system, like many other hybrid models including Fusion, is called the Atkinson cycle system.
Hyundai says the top speed of Sonata has exceeded 100 miles per hour, although we haven\'t checked it ourselves.
But Sonata is cruising along the interstate with other means of transport, with enough zippers to pass through.
The second motor is used to start the gasoline engine, and when the vehicle is braking or running on the gasoline engine, it is converted into a hair motor to charge the battery pack.
Called hybrid starter-
Generator and belt-
Drive from a gasoline engine like a traditional alternator.
But its operating voltage is 270 V instead of 12 to 15 V for an ordinary car alternator.
Inside, the car is more of a luxury car than a Volkswagen.
Comfortable market car.
There is decent rear leg space, although the middle position is tight for adults or larger children, just like most mid-sized cars.
Sonata is clearly one of the best mid-sized cars on the market, whether it\'s gasoline or hybrid, there\'s no obvious difference between the smooth running of the two models.
Standard facilities include electric power steering and electric air conditioning
Air conditioning compressor.
In conventional cars, these systems are usually driven by belts on the engine, but for hybrid cars it doesn\'t work because the gasoline engine is designed to stop automatically when the car stops, keep the car off when running on the motor.
For example, using an electric air conditioner, the cooling continues even if the engine is cycled off at a red light.
At 3,483 pounds M, Sonata is 66 pounds heavier than Camry hybrid, but 237 pounds lighter than Fusion.
The look of Sonata features a modern and iconic design theme of \"fluid sculpture.
But there are some differences in hybrid models compared to gasoline models, including unique fascias with deeper air dams at the front and rear, extended rocker panels and special wheels that allow air to flow around the body with less resistance.
The Sonata mix has a very low 0.
The resistance coefficient of 25 measures the wind resistance of a car.
This is stronger than 0.
27 high resistance coefficient-
Nissan GT-performanceR supercar. Gasoline-
Only 2012 Sonata Series models from $20,895-$27,595 (
$750 plus shipping).
Most gasoline models are 2 under the hood. 4-liter four-
198 HP 184 feet cylinder engine-
Torque pound.
There\'s another 2. 0-
4-liter turbo
Cylinder engine with 274 horsepower and 269 feet horsepower --
Pounds of torque, no V-
Hyundai has 6 engine options in the previous generation of Sonata.
Turbocharged engine connection 6-Automatic speed;
Manual is not provided.
EPA rating of 2. 4-liter gasoline-
Only 22 miles/35 kilometers of automatic transmission and 24/35 kilometers of manual roads.
Rated 22 city/33 highway for turbo models. chambers@auto-writer. . com
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