Hyundai adds a hybrid Sonata for 2011

by:CTECHi     2020-02-10
With the launch of 2011 Sonata gasoline, Hyundai is the latest automaker to join the ranks of hybrids
Electric hybrid carNot the best.
However, modern models selling Toyota Prius hybrids use the same body and chassis as the latest generation of Sonata models listed earlier this year, and are also 2011 models.
While the car will be available later this month, Hyundai has not announced pricing yet, but I expect the hybrid model to start in the medium term$20,000s.
A similar Toyota Camry Hybrid starts at $26,575 (plus freight)
So Sonata won\'t be a bit more than that, probably a little less.
Sonata has its own modern direct Hybrid Blue drive system with four
Cylinder gasoline engine combined with Motor to produce EPA fuel-
South Korean automakers say the economic rating of the 36-mile/40-kilometer highway.
By contrast, the 31 cities/35 highways of the Camry Hybrid and 41 cities/36 highways of the Camry Hybrid are all medium-sized and five
Passenger cars like sonata. The Prius five-
Still, the fuel economy of the door hatchback is the best
51 city/48 highway with 5 seats as well.
Sonata\'s drive system is \"completely in-
The company says the modern house, which includes several \"technology first\", allows it to \"provide performance and efficiency improvements that other hybrid cars cannot provide.
\"Unlike most other hybrids on the market today, Sonata can reach 62 miles per hour in terms of electricity alone, generating zero tail tube emissions.
However, the range of electricity alone is limited to a mile or so, just like most other hybrid cars.
Sonata uses 1. 4-kilowatt-hour lithium-
Polymer battery pack weighing only 95.
9 pounds, for 123.
9 pounds nickel for Camry Hybridmetal-Hydrogen batteries.
But Hyundai says that even with lighter weight, Sonata\'s battery is 10% more efficient than Camry\'s.
Another advantage is the expected life of the battery pack, which is expressed in 10-
The annual service life of the car.
It also charges 25% longer than nickel. metal-
Hydrogen battery, which means that it will have more power consumption after sitting for a few days without charging or using it.
Toyota, the industry leader in hybrid vehicles, has not yet used lithium-
Type of battery in the United StatesS. hybrid fleet.
Nissan\'s new Chevrolet plug-in for Golden Leaf electric vehicles
In the hybrid car that will be launched this month, there are lithium-ion batteries.
Modern says its lithium
The polymer battery is the next generation of lithium-
Ion battery technology is \"very suitable for automotive applications \".
Sonata uses 30-
KW motor and traditional Six
The speed automatic transmission, instead of having to use a continuous variable transmission like most other current hybrid cars.
Transmission is basically the same as the transmission used in gasoline
The only version of 2011 Sonata. Up to 151 foot-
Sonata\'s motor can get the pound torque at startup, and the motor is connected to the input of the transmission to replace the torque converter.
The motor is internally disconnected from 2 using a multi-piece clutch assembly. 4-liter four-
Electric cylinder gasoline enginemotor-only operation.
The second motor in Sonata is used to start the gasoline engine and it is also converted into a hair motor to charge the battery pack.
Called hybrid starter-
Generator and belt-
Drive from a gasoline engine like a traditional alternator.
But modern starters-
The operating voltage of the generator is 270 V, not 12 V used by the ordinary car alternator.
Like most other Sonata models on the market, the Sonata Hybrid has electric power steering and electric pneumatic
Air conditioning compressor.
In conventional cars, these systems are usually driven by belts on the engine, but for hybrid cars it doesn\'t work because the gasoline engine is designed to stop automatically when the car stops, keep the car off when running on the motor.
The Sonata Hybrid uses a gasoline engine.
The car, known as the Atkinson cycle system, is also used in many other hybrid models, including those used by Ford in Fusion cars and Escape crossover hybrid models.
On the sonata, the gasoline engine itself provides 166 horsepower and 154 feet horsepower.
Torque pound.
Electric motors and gasoline engines are combined, with a power of 206 horsepower and 193 feet horsepower, respectively.
Torque pound (
Not all motors and gasoline engines are available at the same time).
Hyundai says Sonata is also the lightest hybrid in its segment --3,483 pounds.
This is 237 pounds lighter than a Fusion hybrid.
Although the Sonata Hybrid has the same look and feel as gasoline
Only corresponding
Modern Times call it \"fluid sculpture\"
There are some differences.
These include \"reshaping the front and rear fascists with deeper air dams, extended rocker arm panels and lower wind turbines\", \"allowing air to flow around the body with lower resistance, the company said.
This helps give the Sonata Hybrid a very low 0.
The resistance coefficient of 25 measures the wind resistance of a car.
This is better than 0.
27 wind resistance coefficient of Nissan GT-2011R sports car. Gasoline-
Models of only 2011 Sonata range from $19,195 to $27,045 (
$720 plus shipping).
Hyundai is already an industry leader in fuel efficiency and this position has led the company to cancel V-
6 engine options for the latest Sonata.
Under the hood of all 2011 Sonata petrol models are the new 2. 4-liter four-
198 HP 184 feet cylinder engine-
Torque pound.
This beat the top competitors of the mid-sized sedan category, including (177 horsepower)Toyota Camry (169)
Nice Ford Fusion (175)
Chevrolet Malibu (169). With a dual-
Exhaust system on SE (sport)
The engine is rated at 200 hp.
The top four.
The gasoline direct-injection engine helps to improve fuel efficiency.
Even with additional power, this engine will beat all of the above competitors in terms of fuel economy.
The city highway, rated 23 miles/35 miles by EPA, features an automatic transmission and a manual transmission of 23/34 kilometers.
By contrast, 22/33 Camry\'s four seats
Cylinder, 22/31 for Accord, 23/31 for Altima, 23/34 for Fusion and 22/33 for Malibu (
Automatic transmission). ns).
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