Huawei's new lithium battery technology patent passed, which can improve cycle life and capacity density

by:CTECHi     2021-08-13

Lithium Grid News: A few days ago, a new Huawei patent related to lithium-ion batteries was published by the State Intellectual Property Office. It is reported that the patent is titled 'A conductive binder for lithium ion batteries and its preparation method, lithium ion battery electrode pads and its preparation method, and lithium ion batteries'.

According to the relevant description, the binder uses polyvinyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol, polystyrene, starch, sodium alginate, etc., and graphene as the conductive material. Among them, 1 is silicon particles, 2 is graphene, and 3 is a binder. The two prototype button batteries prepared in accordance with the patent, after 50 cycles, have a capacity retention rate of over 90%, and discharge efficiencies of 97% and 98%, respectively, which can be described as highly efficient.

Huawei stated in the patent that the conductive binder for lithium ion batteries prepared in the embodiments of the present invention can effectively buffer the negative impact of the volume change of the active material during the charge and discharge process, and improve the battery cycle. In addition, the conductive binder for lithium ion batteries serves as a conductive agent and a binder at the same time, which can increase the content of lithium-intercalation active materials in the positive and negative electrodes, thereby increasing the energy density of the cell.

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