How to Test a Lawn Tractor Battery

by:CTECHi     2020-05-03
The lawn tractor battery uses most of the current to start the engine, although the current power headlights and other features are minimal.The most common start-up problem with lawn tractors occurred in the spring when an attempt was made to start the engine for the first lawn cutting.Testing your battery with a car battery charger allows you to see the size of the current and charge it right away if needed.Place the lawn tractor in a neutral position and push it to a hard area like a driveway or garage.Keep the garage door open when testing the battery for good ventilation.Find the battery on your lawn tractor.Under the seat or in the engine cabin is the most common area.Lift the seat up or open the engine compartment to show the battery.Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.Pry open the cover covering the battery with a tabletScrewdriver.Fill each battery, cover the board inside with distilled water and press the lid back to the battery.The sealed battery will not have a removable cover.Please refer to your manual and charge the sealed battery as per the instructions of the battery manufacturer.Place a car battery charger near the mower.When clamping the terminals, stay as far away as possible from the battery.Clip the red front crocodile clip onto the front battery terminal.Clip the black negative crocodile clip onto the negative battery terminal.Plug the power cord of the battery charger into the ground power outlet.Move the battery type selector to 12 V and the charging rate selector to 10 am ps.Read the display on the battery charger to determine how much power the battery has.If the needle points to the far right at 12 am ps and the charging percentage is 0, the battery is fully discharged.The battery is fully charged if the needle points to 0 amps with a charging percentage of 100.Keep the battery charger connected in order to charge the undercharged battery.Usually the green light is full of electricity.Unplug the power cord of the battery charger from the power outlet;Remove the black negative clamp from the battery, and then remove the red positive clamp from the battery.
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