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by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
Solar panels generate electricity only when there is plenty of sunshine.Night and cloudy means the panel has no current to your home.However, if you have a way to store solar energy when solar power is generated, you can use this power at night or in bad weather.
This is the best performance of the battery.Deep cycle batteries for ships, leisure vehicles and electric golf carts are called deep cycle batteries.These batteries are different from car batteries because they are designed to provide continuous power, not just quick start-up power.
Despite the name, deep cycle batteries wear out after multiple charges and discharges.They are the low end of your battery choice and should only be used if the budget is very limited.Industrial strength batteries also have deep cycles, but in multiple charge/discharge cycles, industrial strength batteries are more resistant to deterioration, including the following types: these batteries are similar in function to the old type of car battery, but more sturdy.
They are called drowning because there is a lid on the top of the battery, and in order to keep the internal lead and acid composition wet, you open the lid and pour it into distilled water.The disadvantage of using submerged batteries is that chemical gas discharges are generated when used.This is a corrosive and potentially explosive discharge, so if installed in a shed outside or in the weather, these batteries are used in a closed area (such as your home, attic or garage)Housing, you also need to install the vent so that the gas can be dispersed outside the housing.
Gel batteries belong to the battery category called valvesregulated lead-acid (VRLA).Gel batteries are not filled with gel at all.These are also leading.Acid battery, but its construction method does not need to add water, no harmful smoke will be discharged during use or storage.
This allows the gel battery to be used safely at home or in other closed areas.These are better options than flooding the battery, but still have a better option.Most experts, including me, believe that AGM batteries are the best option for storing solar energy.
Place a woven glass mat between the plates inside the battery.This mat absorbs and keeps the electrolyte so that they all overflowand leak-proof.They are as safe as gel batteries, but they maintain longer charging times, discharge slower, and survive longer charging and discharge cycles.
AGM battery is the first choice if you can afford it.Solar scientists are experimenting with other highTechnical methods for storing solar energy.But now, the battery is your best choice
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