how to replace the cmos battery on a motherboard

by:CTECHi     2020-02-28
Why change batteries?
Each computer motherboard has a battery.
It is used for two purposes: If you see any of the following messages when you turn on the computer, it is time to replace the motherboard battery with a new one: another indicator of insufficient battery power on the motherboard is the computer clock, when you turn the computer on after you turn it off once, it shows the wrong time.
The CMOS settings scmos value used to initialize the computer.
If these are lost, the computer time, system startup order, and other hardware configurations will be reset.
Therefore, it is necessary to write down all CMOS values before removing the battery.
Turn on or restart the computer and press the F1, F2, or Del buttons (
Buttons vary from computer to computer)
Enter the setup program.
The most important settings you need are the system startup order, drive configuration, and shared memory size.
After replacing the battery, you need to enter them in CMOS, so write them on a piece of paper.
Note: If you forget to record the CMOS value before removing the battery, your computer can still work properly, simply reset the settings to factory default, you may need to reset
Configure them according to your requirements and hardware.
Find the battery open the computer chassis and find the motherboard battery.
As shown in the right picture, most computers use a 3 v coin battery lithium battery.
The battery is usually located in an extreme corner of the motherboard.
If you can\'t find the battery, you need to read the motherboard documentation that comes with the battery or contact the motherboard manufacturer for help.
Battery replacement Note: before turning on the computer case, make sure the computer is off and the power cord is unplugged to avoid the possibility of electric shock in the computer.
It is very easy to remove the motherboard battery.
Simply grab the battery gently from the edge of the battery with your two fingers, and then pull out the battery from the socket holding the battery.
If there is a small clip holding the battery down, you need to pull that clip up before removing the battery from the container.
Once you have bought a new motherboard battery, remove the old battery as indicated earlier and put the new battery in the same configuration (
Note: Unfortunately not all motherboards use coin batteries.
If you are not using this battery and cannot remove it, please consult the motherboard manufacturer for assistance in removing the battery.
After successfully replacing the battery, re-enter the CMOS value, turn on the computer, press F1, F2 or Delete (
Different from computer to computer)to enter setup.
Enter All CMOS values and make sure to save the new settings before exiting the settings.
Some motherboard settings allow you to save the settings and exit together by simply pressing a button such as f10. This is it!
It\'s easy to replace the motherboard battery.
Your new motherboard battery will last for several years, although some will last longer depending on usage.
If after that, the system time resets again every time you turn off and turn the computer back on, you need to replace the battery again.
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