How to reduce the failure rate of lithium battery protection board?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-10

Everyone will not be unfamiliar with the lithium battery protection board. As the name suggests, the protection board is a circuit board that protects the battery. However, we often use them in our daily lives. For example, mobile phones, electric vehicles, etc., all have batteries, and each battery must be protected by a lithium battery protection board. Therefore, the lithium battery protection board has overcharge protection function, overdischarge protection function, overcurrent protection function, short circuit protection function, temperature protection function, charge power balance management function for the battery, which can effectively balance the voltage of the battery during use. The difference, to ensure that the battery works within a suitable temperature range, to ensure that the output is turned off in the event of a short-circuit fault and the protection function of the small current lock, which makes the external control safer and more convenient in application. The lithium battery protection board has such a big effect, how can we reduce the failure rate of the lithium battery protection board when we use it? The following compatriots will learn and understand with everyone.

Because lithium batteries are more sensitive to voltage, a higher or lower point will affect the battery life and even damage the battery. Therefore, the lithium battery must be equipped with a protection board. The lithium battery protection board is mainly used to charge the lithium battery pack. Discharge protection, mainly overcharge protection, to prevent battery damage caused by overcharge of lithium battery cells; overdischarge protection, prevent battery damage caused by overdischarge of lithium battery cells; current limit and short circuit protection, prevent lithium battery packs from exceeding rated current use Or the short circuit causes damage to the battery and the protection board itself; the equalization function allows each cell to be fully charged; the temperature control protection allows the lithium battery to work within the normal temperature range, otherwise the input and output will be stopped. The protection board can be simply understood as a switch, but this switch is connected in series to the negative electrode of the battery. The same port board is the charge and discharge shared output negative electrode, and the split port board is the charge and discharge negative electrode separated, and the positive input and output of the battery are from the total of the battery pack. Positive output. The balanced cable of the protection board is to monitor the voltage of each string of batteries, and then the main control chip will switch the control MOS according to the voltage of the balanced cable to achieve the most important function of overcharge and overdischarge protection for lithium battery packs. , It also has other functions such as equalizing charging, current limiting, temperature control and so on.

The main functional components and input and output interfaces of the protection board are described in the following figure (most of the strings are similar)

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