How to promote the four levels of the Qinghai lithium battery industrial revolution

by:CTECHi     2021-08-09

At the forum of the China Electric Vehicles Conference held a few days ago, Wang Liming, deputy governor of the Qinghai Provincial People's Government and member of the party group, gave a keynote speech on 'Problems of Lithium Resource Guarantee and Sustainable Development in the Process of Electrification'.

He said that the lithium battery industry, as a strategic emerging industry in Qinghai Province, has become a business card showing Qinghai’s green, low-carbon, recycling and gradual electrification development. In the future, Qinghai Province will continue to strengthen innovation-driven development, implement the national new energy vehicle development strategy, and strive to build a 100 billion yuan lithium battery industry and the development of the lithium battery industry, so as to provide a strong foundation and guarantee for the development of new energy vehicles.

It is reported that Qinghai Province is very rich in mineral resources and has unique salt lake lithium resources. The proven lithium resources account for more than 40% of the global reserves and 70% of the national reserves. Above, this is an important guarantee to support the sustainable and healthy development of the lithium battery industry.

At present, Qinghai Province is further accelerating the transformation from a large lithium resource province to a lithium resource province and a lithium resource processing province, and proposed the province’s lithium carbonate production capacity by 2020 Reach the target of 125,000 tons.

Focusing on this development goal, Qinghai Province has formulated the 'Thirteenth Five-Year' New Material Industry Development Plan of Qinghai Province and 'Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of Qinghai Province's Lithium Battery Industry' 'Guiding Opinions' and other related policies, and cooperated closely with CATL, BYD, Beijing Auto, etc.

Wang Liming believes that in order to promote the lithium battery industry revolution and provide a strong foundation and guarantee for the development of new energy vehicles, efforts must be made from four levels:


One is to strengthen innovation drive and promote the comprehensive utilization of resources. Specifically, it is necessary to focus on promoting research and improvement of lithium extraction technology and basic industrialization research, breaking through the restriction of high magnesium-lithium ratio in salt lakes, and focusing on improving the level of high-value utilization of salt lake resources and the extraction and utilization of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and lithium in salt lakes. Form a multi-level and diversified comprehensive utilization system for extracting lithium from salt lakes, improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of salt lake resources, extend the service life of salt lakes, and reduce the negative impact of salt lake resource development on the ecological environment.

Secondly, adhere to ecological priority and rational and orderly development. Wang Liming said that the current weakness of the lithium battery industry is the low level of recycling and utilization. Therefore, the Qinghai Provincial Government, taking into account the status quo of lithium resources, industrial development, human resources, technical level and other factors, makes overall arrangements for the storage and research and development of lithium resources, and scientifically plans the scale and speed of the development of the lithium battery industry.

Third, strengthen policy guidance and strictly control the exploitation of salt lake lithium resources. Wang Liming emphasized that it is necessary to raise the technical entry threshold for lithium resource development, gradually close the integration of unreasonable enterprises that destroy and waste resources, strengthen the law enforcement of mineral resources and environmental protection monitoring, and ensure the rational and orderly development and efficient use of salt lake resources. , Resolutely stop the behavior of arbitrary mining and digging, destruction and waste of resources, and arbitrary discharge. It is necessary to encourage and guide mineral resource owners to develop and utilize resources, but also to gradually achieve zero emissions and improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources.

Fourth, speed up the construction of the recycling and reuse system of lithium batteries. Layout the lithium power battery recycling and reuse system from a strategic perspective, encourage the recycling and cascading use of lithium power batteries, and the development of projects and enterprises, and support the joint development and development of powerful recycling companies, new energy vehicle companies, battery manufacturers, etc. Recycling network construction, speeding up the removal of institutional barriers, creating favorable conditions for business model innovation entities to integrate resources across fields, encouraging more social resources to participate in the recycling of lithium power batteries, and enabling continuous innovation of its business model.

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