how to maximize the lifespan of your lithium polymer …

by:CTECHi     2020-02-03
Lithium polymer batteries are hailed by scientists, engineers and electronics manufacturers as more advanced and lasting \"breakthrough batteries\" and are not cheap!But just be a little careful and you can make the most of your battery and maximize the life of the battery.Like all batteries, lithium polymer batteries are slowly worn out from the date of manufacture.How long they last depends on the temperature you store the battery and how you charge and discharge it.
Here\'s a quick guide to help you care about lithium polymer batteries and keep them in peak condition.When the lithium polymer battery is highly resistant to temperature changes, store the battery in a cool and dry place and you should never put them in a place where the temperature may exceed 60 degrees Celsius.Ideally, the battery should be stored in a fat bag and kept in a cool and dry place with a temperature stable between 4 and 20 degrees Celsius.
Storing your battery with 50% as the standard rule of thumb, afully lithium polymer batteries should not be stored in a charging state for a long time, which greatly increases the life of the battery.Keep in mind that the battery will slowly degrade over time, and you also don\'t store them when the battery is almost dead, because they will go into the deep discharge phase, which will damage the battery.Use the correct charger that has been approved for lithium batteries.
Not all chargers are for lithium batteriesBattery based.For example, working at different voltages can slowly drain the lithium polymer battery.For safety reasons, you should always charge your battery in the wellClear ventilation areas for any flammable items or liquids.
Check if your battery has physical signs of perforation or balloon-like, if there is a rip or tear on your battery foil cover, or if it looks swollen, it\'s an obvious sign, indicates that it is physically damaged and should be discarded.Before discarding the battery, soak it in a bucket of saltwater for at least 2 weeks first, as this allows the battery to discharge slowly.At the end of 2 weeks, pack the discharged batteries with some newspapers and throw them away with your normal garbage.
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