how to make batteries last longer in electronic gadgets - top 5 ways

by:CTECHi     2020-02-24
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Electronics can be people who eat batteries.
If you want to know how to make the battery last longer, then here are 5 great tips to keep your money in your pocket when it comes to all these gadgets, battery and their greedy appetite!
Most people have mobile phones, cordless phones, e-readers, mp3 and so on.
We often wonder how we get along without these gadgets, but they all have one thing in common and they all eat batteries! 1.
The battery made by the phone can be tricky to use longer in the phone, but with these tips, you will find that it is likely to last the life of the phone.
Skip the car charger-this must be one of the faster battery drain around.
I know this from my personal experience!
Use the car charger only in case of emergency.
If you get to the last power supply and need help in the car, plug it into the charger, however, otherwise, try to plan ahead before you leave, charge at home with the right charger.
The car charger does not charge your phone battery directly as the wall socket in the home, so it will drain the battery, which of course will reduce the battery life, the problem is, the cost of these batteries is sometimes the same as the cost of the actual phone.
So, you want to deal with the battery that comes with the phone.
If you really insist on using a car charger, then find a charger designed for your specific phone, not just a random universal charger.
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ComLet it Drain-if you can Drain your phone before charging, it will help it last longer between charging.
It\'s not always convenient, but if you see it getting lower and lower on your way home from work or school, wait until you go to bed, turn it off and plug it in for the night, it will be ready for full charging use again!
Credit: morguefile.
Turn it off when you charge.
I know it\'s hard not to turn it on and it\'s hard to lose contact for the time being, but, if you turn it off while charging, it charges faster and stays fully charged.
It will last longer. 2.
There are cordless phones at home-if you have a home phone and then several cordless phones for expansion, make sure you have it running to about 15% of the remaining power.
Using a cordless phone, it is considered a charging cycle every time you take it out of the stand or cradle and put it back in place.
The problem with this is that most of these cordless phone batteries are designed to be charged between 300 and 500 times.
So every time you take it out of the cradle, use it, or even call or call for a minute, and put it back in the cradle, it\'s equivalent to a cycle.
So if you can put it next to the cradle after use, especially if you know there will be more calls to make or to answer, and then put it back, you will save a lot of recycling.
It\'s like a bank with these cordless phones.
It\'s like you start at $500 and then every time you pick up your phone from the cradle of your phone, the phone comes in contact with the charger and when you put it there, it will take you back! .
So, if you can exit once on the day of the call, then you will keep the battery for a longer period of time.
Credit: morguefile. com3.
Ebook readers, tablets or laptops, and even some MP3s-how to make the battery last longer in these devices, make sure to charge them every month.
These gadgets usually use lithium batteries, and if they run out after a few months, they will no longer retain the ability to recharge again.
Many people find that in tablets and some laptops, after months of not using it, they try to use it, and it won\'t charge no matter how long it\'s plugged in, these batteries are not cheap either.
So, charge these gadgets in the first month of the month so they can be used at your disposal.
A family member made this mistake because they had to work abroad for 4 months and he left all the gadgets here and when he came back, his fairly new laptop won\'t charge.
So if you can\'t be around and have someone else charge it or plug it in or even use it at least once a month to keep everything fresh so you don\'t lose the battery, nor will you lose the ability to carry it with you!
Credit: morguefile. com4.
Solar lights-this is a great way to brighten the garden and path without running expensive lines and power connections!
But like everything else, they have batteries and if it\'s the end of the season now and you see some lights on and some lights out then don\'t throw them away and the contacts can be dirty.
Remove the backing where the battery is located, wipe the contacts between the battery and the gadget with a cloth, then put the battery back in place to see if it works.
Photo unit-also make sure the area where the item absorbs the sun is not full of dirt.
After the storm of summer, some of my solar garden lights stopped working and the small solar panels were full of dust.
So, also clean it up and let it sit outside to soak up the sun, chances are it will come back that night.
Make the battery last longer and cheaper than continuing to replace the fixture.
Credit: morguefile. com5.
Don\'t put the electronics in a hot and cold car-it will definitely run out of batteries and damage the electronics, especially during the hot summer months.
Also, it\'s a dangerous way to attract unwanted guests to your car if they see these electronics, so bring them with you.
Hot and cold can shorten the life of the battery a lot.
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