how to install car led strip lights

by:CTECHi     2019-12-25
Did you see anyone driving a set of LED body lights down?
Whether you choose to install a single color LED light strip or more
The color rgb led light strips are all based on personal preference, but here is a guide to the installation process.
The concept is simple because you will fix the LED strip along the outer edge of the car and extend the wires to the engine compartment.
Be sure to gently remove any dirt or mud with a towel before you start your first step so your LED light strip won\'t get dirty.
If you have a hydraulic jack, now is a good time to take advantage of it, as you can top the car up in order to get more into the lower side of the vehicle.
It\'s not a problem if you don\'t have a hydraulic jack.
You can still proceed with the installation.
Set the LED light bar under your vehicle.
Now is the time to see if there is any way to safely connect the LED light strip on the underside of your car, including bolts, brackets or other small openings.
Fixed LED light strip with zipperties.
We recommend zipper
There is a tie for every 12 inch LED light bars because of the double
The double sided tape may not be strong enough to attach the tape indefinitely to the dungeon.
If you have a friend who helps you to keep the LED light bar in place during the connection, it will help, but if not, you can use the double
Before you permanently fix the LED belt with a zipper, temporarily install the LED belt in place.
Extend the wire.
Route 4 wires to the engine compartment and connect them to the cartridge.
If the LED light strip wiring on the rear bumper is not long enough to reach the front of the vehicle, you can use the extension cord that comes with the package.
Tap the red line to the positive/black line of the battery to the negative or ground.
If there is an optional wire, please check the installation sheet to see what it is.
These charts show the position of the LED light strip relative to its wiring in the car.
Keep the cartridge close to the battery but away from the engine so there is no risk of damage.
Make sure that the location where you place the cartridge is always dry.
The battery/fuse box position is designed to keep it completely dry, so you don\'t have to worry about damaging the fuse box.
Expand the antenna on the HDD box so you can get a better reception even if the hood is off.
Test to make sure everything is OK and enjoy your set of LED light strips at the bottom.
You can see that the installation is very simple so that you can be the coolest and most colorful car on the block.
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