how to increase cell phone battery performance

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
With current mobile technology, your phone\'s battery life can run out faster than the manufacturer suggested.
Large touch screens running in the background, fast processors, and many subsystems work together to run out of battery.
You can charge the battery every opportunity, or take some measures to reduce the battery consumption of the phone.
Battery Management goes into the phone settings and finds the Battery Manager option.
This option enables you to set your phone to high-performance or energy-efficient mode for adjustment.
Different manufacturers may have different options and wording, but the results are similar.
The battery manager is a feature that can reduce energy consumption by turning off currently unused devices and applications.
Manual battery management users can take several manual steps to save battery life on their phones.
Manual battery management is permanent and does not depend on whether your phone is active or standby.
After manually changing the options, you can only return to the previous settings manually.
Here are a few steps to manually control battery management.
Reduce the brightness of the screen to your settings and reduce the brightness of the LCD screen to your satisfaction.
The lower the level, the more energy you save.
Screen timeout changes the screen timeout setting to the minimum amount of time.
This way, your screen will turn off once you stop using your phone. Turn off Wi-
You don\'t use Wi most of the time-
So why let it run?
Turn off your Wi-
Fi will save you energy that is usually just wasted.
You can always open it if you need it.
If you are not using a Bluetooth headset then this is another energy.
Even if you may not know that these wireless features are running in the background, these types of wireless features will continue to run.
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