How to identify whether the lithium battery has a protective plate

by:CTECHi     2021-08-09

Lithium batteries are increasingly widely used, ranging from mobile phones to electric vehicles. At present, almost all walks of life have the 'footprint' of lithium batteries. It is precisely because the application of lithium batteries is so extensive that people are paying more and more attention to the safety of lithium batteries themselves, so lithium battery protection boards have become important.

Everyone knows the role of lithium battery protection board, the most basic three points: prevent overcharge, prevent overdischarge and prevent the harm caused by short circuit. However, there are also a large number of unscrupulous manufacturers on the market. The lithium battery itself uses second-hand batteries, and the technology of the lithium battery protection board used is also substandard. In order to save costs, some lithium battery manufacturers even did not add a protective board to the lithium battery itself. This kind of battery flow into the market, although the price is very low, but the potential danger it brings is great. Therefore, I hereby advise everyone not to buy these low-quality lithium batteries for cheap. Then some friends will ask, how do you know if the lithium battery you buy has a lithium battery protection board? Today, Zhengfang Technology will take you to distinguish whether there is a protective plate in the lithium battery. First of all, we take 18650 as an example. From the name, we can know that the height of the battery cell is 65mm. So at this point, the height after adding the protective plate should be between 68mm and 72mm, so we can check it visually. This height is roughly distinguished. Secondly, we discharge the lithium battery that we bought. If the battery stops discharging at 2.3V, then the lithium battery protection board in the lithium battery has played a role. If it continues to discharge at 2.3V, we will immediately manually To disconnect its charging, first of all, the battery should not have a protective plate, and secondly, the above-mentioned immediately disconnecting the battery output is also to prevent the over-discharge of the lithium battery. The last way is to judge by temperature. If we find that the temperature of the battery itself rises while using the lithium battery, it is probably caused by the short circuit of the positive and negative electrodes. If there is a lithium battery protection board, if the positive and negative electrodes are short-circuited, the protection board will understand the power failure, so There will be heat generation. On the contrary, if there is no lithium battery protection board, then the battery will heat up abnormally. The above is the information that Zhengfang Technology will introduce to you today. Therefore, if any abnormality is found during the use of the lithium battery, disconnect the power supply first to avoid accidents.

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