how to hook a bike trailer to a bike

by:CTECHi     2020-04-11
The bike trailer provides a safe, easy way for parents to exercise and run errands with their children.
The bike trailer is easy to install and can accommodate one or two children. In some cases, the maximum weight of one child is 50 pounds and the maximum weight of two children is 100 pounds.
These weight estimates are not standard, but an example of the potential capacity and strength that most bike trailers provide to parents during the trip.
Description difficulty: easily loosen the bolts at the back of the bike using a wrench (i. e. , the dropout)
Where the wheels are connected to the frame.
Take the bracket located at the back of the bike trailer and insert it into the end of the drop-out.
When you fix the bracket in the appropriate position, maintain the level of the trailer arm with the ground.
Use a wrench to secure the bolts located at the rear fall off.
Check if the trailer is balanced on both wheels.
The trailer arm should continue to be level with the ground.
Maintain stability if necessary.
Safety clip--
Rope extending from the end of the trailer arm to the frame--
Push the metal clip in place.
Verify that this security measure is in place;
If the bolts are loose, the safety clip will ensure that the trailer is not released.
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