How to Extend Laptop Battery Life and Avoid Repeated Replacements

by:CTECHi     2020-09-10
The reliability of the laptop is synonymous with battery life.In any case, what is the use of a laptop without a persistent battery?We all carry our laptops outdoors and don\'t have extra adapter luggage, hoping for the longest battery life.If you know your laptop battery, you may save your own pain and replace it for every moment unless-Of course, you have been hit by the UN.
The controllable battery failure seems to be getting slower and slower recently.1.Avoid multiple charges/discharges of li-In order to avoid the inevitable replacement of the battery, please pay attention to how to charge and discharge.Repeated emissions below 10% will actually damage your li-Ion batteries in the long run.
This will only be done if you have to and as a last resort, probably because of your mobile schedule.But at least mark it with its adapter and take advantage of it when you have a chance.2.Always using the right adapter for your laptop is a good practice.
Avoid the temptation to go to the nearest adapter just by plugging in the laptop.Different adapters have different voltages and amplifiers set up.The adapter with the amplifier slightly changed seems to work well in the short term, but if it is not a laptop, it may actually signal the end of the battery.
I saw some old Dell laptops killed by the wrong adapter.The speed of these laptops will soon weaken and start running at snail-like speeds.Even getting the right adapter later will not turn the damage around.
What is calibration?Calibration includes draining or discharging the battery to a minimum or 0%.Doing so involves disconnecting the AC adapter and using the laptop until it is completely powered off due to sleep or hibernation.If you\'re using an old nickel batteryI know it\'s almost necessary to do this with a nickel based battery, but you rarely use your li-Ion batteries, but just in case.
Yes, just in case Lee-The ion battery charges about 80% and then stays there forever, you may just need to fully discharge!For this battery, drain it to the lowest power and bring it to the BIOS screen before hibernation until the battery runs out completely.It is worth noting again that forcing 0% of battery consumption could actually damage li-of other features-ion battery.This is because of Lee.Even if the ion battery drops to only 10%, some form of calibration can be achieved20%, this should be good enough.
So you can occasionally drop your battery to this percentage, or you can reduce it if you don\'t use your laptop a lot.For laptops that are used on a daily basis, once a month, for laptops that are rarely used, about three months is enough.4.Extreme temperatures can ruin the life of the laptop battery, which is notorious.
The high temperature will cause the components inside the battery to overheat, thus weakening.High temperature can be reached when playing high power 3D games for a long time, a few days.Those who put their laptop in the trunk of the car for a long time will also make it easy for the battery to overheat.
When the above-mentioned use is excessive in a tropical climate, the heating problem also becomes more complicated, where the overall temperature tends to drop.If the power supply in your home is stable and you feel the system is overheating, you can consider taking the battery out of your laptop on a regular basis: this can also keep the battery circulating.If you live in a place where the power supply is unstable, don\'t overuse it because your laptop may continue to turn off whenever the power is off.
This can even cause more problems when hard disk data is damaged or dead!You don\'t want this to happen.5.Should you disconnect the AC power of your laptop when the battery is fully charged?I think this is a long term question that is driven by how the phone works.When the battery reaches 100%, we charge the phone and disconnect it.
Unlike mobile phones, however, laptop batteries won\'t run out for a few days, and we tend to use them for specialized work.The extra two to five average hours of battery use on the laptop is usually kept in outdoor work and does not need to be affected.What\'s the point of using battery power to run and then having to go and use it when the battery runs out?As mentioned earlier, the battery is charged up to 100% and the charging system is turned off quickly.
Unless the laptop itself is overheated, there is absolutely no harm in the battery left inside the laptop.6.Should you remove the laptop battery during normal use?During use, it may be an issue to decide whether to leave the battery or remove the battery from the laptop.Unless otherwise specified, the battery will not be affected by staying on the laptop.
As long as the temperature inside and around the laptop is cool, the battery can be kept inside as well.If you have to do this, the battery will only be removed if you feel your AC power supply is stable and because you protect it from heat in your laptop.Also, you may actually stop the charge cycle count.
The precautions mentioned above are just basic measures that help keep the laptop in the best condition and prevent the battery from changing the store.When you buy a new battery for your laptop, be sure to choose li-ion.i,e.Six months) and then againFill the battery anywhere with electricity or more than 50%, remove it from your laptop and store it in a dry and cool place.
6 months), first let the battery fully discharge and then re-Charge it when you use it again.64-bit operating systems run out of batteries faster than 32-bit operating systems.Laptops running previous operating systems should be plugged in more often.
Alternatively, if your computer has 3 gb or less RAM, install the 32-bit operating system.The 64-bit operating system works better on platforms with 4 gb of memory and more.Use the power management function to improve the service life of the battery.
Reduce the time the laptop sleeps or sleeps in order to help reduce the temperature level when not using the laptop
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