How to design a lithium battery protection board tester?

by:CTECHi     2021-08-09

As we all know, the lithium battery protection board is the protection of the charging and discharging current of the lithium battery pack in series, ensuring that the voltage difference between the single cells when it can be fully charged is less than the set value (generally ±20mV), so as to realize the battery The equal charge of each single battery in the group can effectively protect the service life of the battery and improve the charging effect. At the same time, the overvoltage, overcharge, overcurrent, short circuit, overtemperature and other states of each single battery in the battery pack should be detected. How to detect it? This requires a professional battery protection board tester. The following Chinese Chuangfa mainly introduces the working principle of the battery protection board tester and its design.

The battery protection board detector uses the method and principle of applying the single-chip control system to the switching power supply, and puts forward the viewpoint that the switching power supply can be adjusted. It can realize the digital control of the power supply, and by analyzing the working principle of the voltage regulating circuit, the way of voltage regulation ADC0808 chip and the principle of AT89C52, the output voltage can be adjusted in steps of 0~5V, and the automatic charging and discharging of the output can be realized.

This design of the lithium battery protection board detector mainly includes AC power supply, rectifier bridge, filter and voltage regulator adjustable circuit, ADC conversion circuit, charging and discharging circuit, voltage detection circuit, power output terminal, and microcontroller control. section. Among them, the single-chip control part is mainly composed of the single-chip microcomputer, the display control program stored in the single-chip microcomputer, the LED digital tube display, and the pull-up resistor. The power output is connected with the protection board to charge and discharge the protection board. The AC voltage is converted into a DC voltage through a rectifier bridge and a voltage stabilizing circuit, and converted into a digital signal by an analog-to-digital conversion chip, which is processed by a microprocessor, and the change of the digital voltage value during the charging and discharging process is displayed on the LED through program control. The required initial charge-discharge voltage value can be set by sliding the rheostat to increase the charge-discharge time. The automatic detector not only has the advantages of small power supply, adjustable charge and discharge speed, and low loss, but also has the advantages of small linear output voltage ripple, good output characteristics, and simple use.

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