how to choose the right solar lights

by:CTECHi     2020-02-24
When an outdoor outlet is not available, Laura gaskiir, a Houzz contributor using solar lighting, may be a lifesaver. But do solar-
Is electric lights really effective?
How do they measure hard-wired lights?
What if your yard is cool or you live in a place where you rarely see the sun?
Here\'s the complete scoop on the selection and use of solar energy
The lights in your yard.
How solar lighting works.
Photovoltaic cells absorb sunlight during the day to charge the battery, and then light up the bulb at night.
Because solar lights are driven by the sun, they must be placed in an area that receives the full sun --
Ideally, work eight or more hours a day.
What if you don\'t have direct sunlight?
If you put solar lights in the desert yard of tacpine or Palm Springs, they will definitely run at maximum intensity --
But what if you live in Seattle or just have a yard with a lot of shadows?
It\'s not that simple, but you can still have solar energy.
There is a power light even in the area of full shadow.
Solar or landscape lighting professionals can help locate solar photovoltaic panels in sunny areas on your roof or yard, and then connect them to the lights in a cool area.
If there is not much sunlight to gather, even on the roof (
For example, you live in a place like Seattle or Portland)
, Solar lights can still work, but they won\'t be as bright or lasting as they are every night.
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