How to Choose Power Tool Battery

by:CTECHi     2020-04-06
life.The current battery on the market includes NI-MH and lithium-NI-ion batteryMH batteries account for most of the market.Price of NI-MH is lower but lithium-Ion batteries have many advantages such as light quality, high efficiency, small pollution and long service life, and are gaining market share, but it still takes a long time.It has its own level of functionality, features, durability and quality.
Therefore, this encourages buyers to consider a lot of things before buying batteries for power tools.Before buying a power tool battery, it\'s important to think twice before you do it.There are some factors to consider here when you want to buy your own battery.
Power tool batteries have different types like other power tool batteries.They can be either NiCad or the latest, lithium-ion.They also vary depending on the energy they produce, which is expressed in milliamperes (mAh) and Watt hours (Wh.
Most buyers will look at information such as mAh and Wh on the battery.MAh ratings indicate the power of the battery.The larger the number, the longer the battery can run before the next charge.
of the battery.
It can be the temperature, the tool you are using or the battery life.Wh is the energy rating of the battery, which is what we call hourly Watt.In other words, it will determine the voltage and current of the device.
It shows how much electricity it consumes each time you use it.The lower Wh, the more you will be able to save on electricity.How to choose power tool battery for different power tool products?1.
Capacity controls the discharge time of the battery.2.Voltage.Make your tool more powerful with proper voltage, not the bigger the better.Under normal circumstances, the original voltage is the best.
Cycle life.
The overall life of the battery, usually expressed as the number of charging cycles that directly affect the life of the battery.4.Memory effect.All in all, if the battery has a memory effect, its real capacity will decrease.So try not to choose batteries with memory effects.
If you replace the battery of the cordless tool here, then shopping is just a matter of finding a match to the battery you already have.Just click to buy the power tool battery, there are a variety of power tool batteries.You can find what you want
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