How to choose a solar lamp post

by:CTECHi     2020-03-14
It\'s good to equip your garden with solar lampposts.Find the solar lights that really fit your needs, that\'s even better!Technical standards such as power supply, ignition system or service life will all be taken into account, but aesthetics should also be taken into account to adapt the style of your solar lamp to the style of your garden.In recent years, solar lights are not only decorative elements of the garden, but also fashionable objects.
It makes it possible to illuminate the outside without having to make complex electrical connections..First of all, if you want permanent lighting, your solar street light must have several ignition systems: motion detection in the Channel area, Twilight.Some models even adjust the detection radius and lighting time, ideal for garden trails!, Their power is the basic element that determines the lighting power.
Some high-Terminal models with multiple LEDs provide 50-60 W incandescent lamp.For example, for general terrace lighting, choose a power led street lamp that can provide more than 300 lumens.Street lamps with less than 150 lumens will be retained for marked lighting.
The brightness of the LEDs and the battery type of the device, that is, its life, are the criteria that need to be considered.The autonomy and duration of the lighting clearly depends on the sun, and also on the quality of the light.In the alley, high street lights are chosen for lighting marking to spread the light well.
To light up the outdoor lounge, choose nomadic mode to move them while you are at leisure.Because they do not resist the wind outside, the light and plastic models are intended to be additional lighting.Finally, stainless steel or steel and aluminum with high IP can be used as garden lighting throughout the year.
Don\'t forget that the look of the solar lights will also print out the decor style on your terrace: you can choose a design, lounge or modern style.To stay beautiful, choose the model with a remote solar sensor.Sometimes it is very white and cold light is extracted in order to avoid pleasant ambient lighting.
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