How to Charge a Phone with No Charger

by:CTECHi     2020-03-06
For many people, it seems impossible to charge with a mobile phone without a charger.However, there are several ways to do this, which have been discussed correctly in the following article.When my cell phone battery was dead and I was facing a life-and-death situation, I was frantically looking for a charger.
As I was not at home, there was no one in the office that I did not ask for a charger.Unfortunately, those with Chargers don\'t have the correct model for my phone.At this time, a smart person from the computer network department came to save me.
He helped restore my cell phone battery and brought my cell phone back to life.He showed me some useful ways to charge my phone without a charger.There are many ways to charge your phone without a charger.
One of the methods is to use a low voltage charger with a crocodile clip.Connect them to the battery and charge your phone.However, there are a lot of risks with this approach, such as the possibility that the battery will catch fire or that you may be hit by life!So, I\'ll skip the dangerous part and choose some safer, easier options instead.
One of the easiest and easiest ways to charge your phone\'s battery is to connect it to your laptop.All you need is a USB cable and a laptop.Once you do, your phone will take energy from the laptop battery and charge itself.So, if your phone is running out of battery, search someone with a laptop and ask him/her to connect the phone to the laptop with a USB cable.
Your phone will be charged soon.
If you don\'t have a charger, just one USB cable can also help you charge your phone.You need to find a very old USB cable to charge your phone.Using pliers or sharp knives, remove the plastic case from the side that never fits the computer.
After removing the housing, the wires need to be separated.Now, find the red and black wires from the four wires and remove the insulation cover from them.Now, connect the cell phone battery with a wire.
You need to place the red line near () point, (-) Point of the battery.Then, put the battery into the phone and make sure the wire is stuck between the wire and the phone.Now connect the USB cable to the computer and allow the battery to run out of charge from the computer.
When there is no charger around you, this is a great way to charge the battery in the office.Some say you can remove the battery from your phone and rub it with a cloth, which causes static electricity.Static Energy will heat your battery by rubbing, which will cause the battery to get a small amount of power enough to make an emergency call.
If there is no USB cable, laptop or computer nearby, you can try this option.So the next time the battery runs out, make sure to take the spare battery with you, or at least have a USB cable to help you charge your phone
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