How to Charge a Car Battery

by:CTECHi     2020-02-17
Charging the battery is a job that every owner should be familiar.
In times of crisis, when knowledge is gone, you have to think for yourself in order for it to charge again, and that is knowledge that can come in handy.
What is used in your car is an electrolytic rechargeable battery that powers all the basic electrical support systems of the car.
It is impossible to ignite without charging.
Most batteries are lead.
Acid type, the output voltage is about 12 volts.
This voltage is made up of six leads.
Acid batteries in series.
Operation of these leads-
Acid batteries involve an electrochemical reaction between lead oxide soaked in diluted sulfuric acid and lead plates.
Charging causes chemical reactions, which store electrical energy in chemical form.
The chemical energy is then converted back to electrical energy when the car uses the battery output.
Normally, it is charged by the car\'s alternator.
However, if there are certain problems with the alternator, or if the car has not been in use for a long time, it may discharge completely and require an external charge.
Always wear protective glasses and gloves when charging.
You will need a wrench or socket set, charger and brush.
You need the wire with the clip to connect the terminals.
These are usually provided with the charger.
Turn off the car.
First, open the hood of the car and enter the battery.
Find its terminals and remove the front terminals.
The positive terminal can be identified by either the plus sign or the red color of the wire that connects it.
To ensure maximum conduction during charging, remove rust and debris from the terminals.
Next, remove the battery cover and check the water level inside.
If the metal plate is not submerged under water then you need to add distillation and water.
Charger is one thing you need, consider buying if you don\'t have a charger as it is convenient.
Connect the positive pole of the charger to the positive pole of the battery.
Connect the negative terminal on the charger to the metal ground on the chassis of the car.
Set the best and best low current value on the charger.
Low current charging takes longer, but it ensures a long life of the battery.
Then, turn on the charger and set the voltage value to 12 V.
The time required to charge depends on the amp current value you choose.
Depending on the current you set, it can take up to 8 hours to fully charge.
For optimal current and voltage settings, please consult a local car mechanic.
Some Chargers have an indicator light that will tell you when the charge is complete.
Otherwise, you can use the voltmeter to check the voltage value obtained by charging.
Please make sure it shows the value of 12 V, which indicates that the battery is fully charged.
Do not overcharge as this may result in a loss of efficiency.
After reaching the desired voltage value, turn off the charger, disconnect it and put the car connection back in place. .
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