how to build bicycle trailers

by:CTECHi     2020-04-12
Bicycle trailers make it easy to shop and transport tools, equipment and sports equipment.
You can build a bike trailer with just a few simple tools.
In most cases, you transport up to 20 pounds of small cargo with a bike trailer.
There are also large trailers, but for items such as groceries, trash and equipment, all you need is a simple self made bike trailer.
Difficult point: the square ruler is moderate to construction with aluminum pipe.
The square will be the base of your trailer and must be measured 2. 5-
Feet on both sides are very long.
Find the end of each tube.
Drill a hole at each end of the tubing and fix them together.
You need a wrench. 5-inch bolts.
If the base of the trailer has not yet been installed, place it in an upright position. Fasten a 3-foot-
A long tube at the front of the trailer.
The pipe will serve as the tongue to connect the trailer and the bike. You will need . 5-inch bolts.
Drill two holes opposite the trailer.
The holes must be fully aligned.
Imagine an imaginary line running between two holes that connect them at the same height. Attach two 20-inch wheels;
One on each side
Insert the axle into the hole just drilled, and then fix each shaft by Bolt. 5-inch bolts.
Drill holes at the end of the connecting tube and slide the quick release of the rear wheel of the bike inside.
The trailer is now securely attached to the axle and ready to use.
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