how to build a solar power station

by:CTECHi     2019-12-27
This explanation is about how to make a battery pack that is charged from the sun.
I built it last summer to have a portable device that I can run and charge my gadget.
The first thing I did was to draw a wiring diagram.
Next, I went shopping around and bought my parts.
Below is the list of parts I use. Solar Panel ------------$68.
9512 V battery---------$58.
00400 W Inverter-------$21.
99 scroll toolbox----------$22.
88 auxiliary 12 Volt plug-----$4.
87 auxiliary 12 Volt plug-----$4.
8714 specification wire (red)-----$2.
4814 specification wire (black)---$2.
48 thermal shrink ring connectors-$2.
453/16 \'Heat Shrink tube---$1.
99 bridge rectifier--------$1. 99SPST switch ----------$2. 99utility ----------------$. 54solder ---------------$1. 49total -----------------$197.
My battery is a 12 volt deep cycle battery.
Make the deep cycle battery full of electricity and discharge;
Unlike car batteries that should not be fully discharged.
The rated power of the battery is 75 Amp Hours.
The inverter will charge the battery (DC)
Common AC power supply.
The rated power of the inverter is 400 watts.
I bought solar panels at a farm store.
The rated power of the solar panel is 5 watts.
I bought this toolbox because I think everything fits well and it has wheels so it will be easier to transport.
I built a battery stand from 2x4 to hold the battery in the toolbox.
I have to put all the connections in a practical box before I start wiring.
I removed the three punch holes on the utility box;
The bottom in the middle, the side in the middle, and one end.
I screwed up and tightened the compression fitting at one end.
This is where the wire for the 12 Volt plug will pass.
Next, I made a hole in the input power plug.
I installed it so that the connection end of the input plug can go directly to the utility box.
Then I dug a hole under the utility box that went to the battery\'s wire.
To prepare for welding, I curl the ring connector at one end of the positive and negative battery wires.
As soon as they opened it, I shrank the Heat Shrink tube on the ring cone with a lighter.
The 12 voltage plugs I bought came with 2 voltage plugs needed for wiresI, but since the power input plug goes directly into the utility box, I don\'t need the wires to be too long, so I cut them short and peeled them off.
I extend the battery wire up through the hole at the bottom of the utility box and weld everything together.
To prevent them from short-circuiting, I have heat shrink tubes installed on all connections.
Next, I tightened the compression fitting to prevent the pull line.
Since all the connections in the utility box are ready, I screwed the lid.
I found the place where I wanted to install the 12 volt power plug, drilled a few holes and tied it to it.
First of all, I drilled the hole and put two wires through.
I then cut off and peel off the wires until long enough to reach the battery from the inverter.
After that, I curled up the small ring connector on the inverter end of the wire and the large connector on the battery end.
Once both ends of the wire have a ring connector, I shrink the heat shrink with a lighter.
When you\'re done, plug in the solar panel and charge it.
Once charged, you can use free power from the sun.
I would be happy to answer if you have any questions.
You can also post photos of your own creation at will.
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