how to back up and restore data successfully and reliably

by:CTECHi     2019-12-27
Protection through UPS (
Uninterrupted power supply)
Technically, a device is not a device used to back up data. it is a device that can prevent data loss.
UPS devices protect computers, printers, external hard drives, external hard drives and fax machines when power services are interrupted by providing current to computers, printers, home theater devices and fax machines.
For PC users, this means that the PC will not turn off when power is out;
As a result, no data will be lost by the user.
Like expensive surge protectors, most UPS devices can also prevent surge and plunge.
This provides additional protection.
It\'s no big deal to build a UPS.
Just plug it in for a day or so and let it charge and connect your device.
Almost all UPS will be available at least 10-to 15-
Minutes of battery backup, which will give you time to safely turn off your device.
UPS devices can also include the following: * power outlets to connect peripherals and PCs * prevent power outages, power outages, surges * network and telephone line surge protection * Power Management shutdown options, save and close all open files and applications and provide unattended OS shutdown.
* USB connection * in this series of articles, you learn a lot about different ways to back up your data.
You understand that cd and dvd are a great choice for most people, external drives can easily make daily backups, microsoft backup utility can be used to create full or system status backups, and these backups can be performed as planned.
You also learned that creating only one type of backup is not a good backup policy.
For example, if you are using a home server, you should also create a manual backup on cd and dvd if the server is damaged.
You should consider storing a copy of subtle data on an Internet server or email
Mail the data to yourself as needed.
The backup policy should contain at least two backup types.
You also learned that while backup is a task, organizing a backup is another task.
Backups should be organized by date;
The Cd, dvd, files and folders should be named and dated correctly;
Backup should be stored in-
The site, or at least in another room, to protect them from any disaster that might happen to the PC.
Finally, you learned how to recover using various types of backups.
It\'s easy to recover personal folders from cd, dvd, and external drives, but it\'s a bit complicated to recover mail, Internet, and application data.
This article is part of a series of articles: know which computer data you need to back up, why, and how.
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