How to avoid risks when using lithium batteries?

by:CTECHi     2021-07-17

With the rapid development of household electric vehicles, the use of lithium batteries has become more and more popular, but there are more and more dangerous accidents such as explosions caused by lithium batteries. Many people think that since lithium batteries are so dangerous, why not use other batteries, such as storage batteries? Today, we will give everyone a knowledge dissemination regarding this issue and the safe use of lithium batteries.

After several years of development, lithium batteries are becoming more and more mature. At present, more and more lithium batteries are used in electric vehicles on the market. Lithium batteries are small in size, light in weight, and have a long life. Long, low temperature resistance and other advantages have been widely recognized by the market, especially for friends with higher and higher endurance requirements, such as take-out couriers, and office workers far away from home, who use lithium batteries for electric vehicles. Compared with the same battery, the lithium battery has a much longer battery life. If you choose a battery because of the risk of lithium batteries, it's a bit of a choke.

There are risks of lithium batteries, but compared to the development of the entire industry, the risks of lithium batteries require prevention and control and good management, rather than eliminating them across the board. . Therefore, helping you understand the risks of lithium batteries can help you better avoid the risks of using lithium batteries.

How do the risks of lithium batteries arise? Let's take a look at how to choose and use lithium batteries correctly

Inferior products made by unscrupulous merchants (mixed use of various batteries)

Choose high-quality batteries, spot welders, and neat wiring

1. Bad merchants blindly pursue profits and use defective batteries to assemble batteries and sell them to users

2. Small workshop production, no formal production license and product inspection report, poor workmanship

Current market There are many sellers (especially a certain treasure) on the Internet. In order to pursue the lowest price, they use defective batteries as genuine batteries to sell. The consequence is that the battery will fail repeatedly after a short period of time, and there will be problems and no repairs can be found. (Because express delivery does not accept batteries), in addition to the high failure rate and difficult maintenance of defective batteries, there are risks.

So you must find a regular manufacturer to buy lithium batteries. Manufacturers generally have battery cell test reports, as well as insurance. They have strong anti-risk capabilities, so you won’t find anyone if you have problems. Regular manufacturers have strict production processes, quality is guaranteed, and after-sales are true and effective. So don't buy ‘fake’ batteries just because you are greedy for cheap.

3. Improper use by users (water entry, short circuit, collision, fire and heat)

In addition to the quality of the battery itself Many of the problems are caused by improper use by users.

Lithium batteries are the most protected against water. Many people use lithium batteries without a waterproof casing. It is easy to get water in rainy days, especially if they are not in time. Drying, it is easy to enter the water to corrode the nickel sheet, causing a short circuit, so it is very dangerous for you to recharge it and use it.

In addition, the weather is too hot and exposed to the sun for a long time. It is also more dangerous. It is best to recharge it under cooling, because charging will also generate heat.

Try to choose an outdoor charging station for lithium battery charging. Don't take it to the house to charge. It is best to watch it when charging at home. Don't charge it for a long time. The charger must be unplugged in time after it is fully charged.

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