how to add led turn signals to your bike for safe road cycling

by:CTECHi     2019-12-26
In the past few weeks you have learned how to make your bike light up at night with some DIY wheel lights and handlebars.
But how about something more practical?
Instead of using those tedious gestures (
Which driver does not understand)
Beautify your journey with somethingit-
Turn the lights on your own LED.
LED steering lights work through a little bit of electrical and you can connect yourself to a pair of LED steering lights that are directly mounted on the frame, just like the Instructables user adambowker98.
To build it, you need a power case, 9 v battery, battery snap, two 10 ohm resistors, and of course some LEDs and LED brackets.
All in all, it doesn\'t involve anything you can\'t get from your local electronics store (or online)
The whole project is a fairly simple build.
To make one of these turn signal boxes, please click on the full tutorial.
If you have more than one bike, it\'s better to make a more portable steering light device like this DIY steering light jacket from Leah Buechley.
You need some knowledge of Arduino
How and some sewing skills.
The steering light sewn on the back of the jacket is activated by a button on the sleeve and you will use the guide wire to connect LEDs, LilyPad, power supply and switches.
Even machine wash!
It\'s a lot more complicated than the box rack, but imagine how awesome it would be for you to cruise on the street.
To make your own signal coat, check out the complete tutorial.
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