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by:CTECHi     2020-04-27
The motorcycle battery provided by Get geared is a quality item that is planned to provide you with long-term service.Please unveil the optional battery category for motorcycle manufacturers.Old motorcycles with electronic equipment designed for conventional lead or acid batteries must be fitted with continuous free batteries.The initiator and control device of the vehicle is not suitable to protect the free battery and will cause lasting damage beyond the battery.Motorcycle batteries are dry from the factory to the ship.Before the order of use, the electrolyte solution must be replenished with the battery chase through a complete charge procedure.The electrolyte solution can be obtained in large quantities and must have the correct specific gravity for the battery.There are various electrolyte solutions to choose from.The 1.For example, 250 SpGfor is worn in Harley-Davidson batteries.The battery is then stimulated until the electrolyte reads 1.265-1.Each unit has a specific weight of 270.Please check the correct size, voltage (V) and capability and the correct position before using the positive and negative workstation for the first time.In addition, for lead/acid batteries that meet the requirements, you must ensure the correct location of the launch point.The upper right corner of the package is color coded according to the inheritance type.When the battery swings, ensure that it is strongly connected to the motorcycle battery tray or clamping device.Use masking screws and nuts and enclosed workstations for lubrication and reinforcement if necessary.Decorate the wires with small conflicts of wires flashing them, and then combine them to a point where they are continuously incurable for a clean correlation.For long-When you are not determined to make the most of your motorcycle mare and get out of the earth cable, you are in a state of stagnation.For winter storage, it is recommended to eliminate the battery in general.Do not use battery charger for car.Their harmful current will increase, so it will scratch the motorcycle battery.Battery Charger with motorcycle battery only, in order to get the best charging, diagnosis and maintenance, we recommend saitio smart charger.Avoid inadvertent crawling current by keeping your sequence clean.Always attach the positive terminal first and then the negative terminal.When removing the battery, please reverse this order, starting with the negative terminal.
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