How to accelerate the development of high-performance lithium battery industry

by:CTECHi     2021-08-10

In recent years, as an energy storage device, lithium-ion batteries have formed a huge emerging industry due to their high energy density, long cycle life, and no environmental pollution. 'Among them, lithium manganese oxide batteries have become one of the main forces in the field of new energy passenger car batteries, and their market influence cannot be ignored.' Mo Changying, member of the CPPCC National Committee in Zhugui, suggested that relevant state departments increase policy support and strongly support high performance The research, development and promotion of the production and use of lithium manganate batteries will help the lithium battery industry occupy a place in the future development of the international energy-saving and new energy automobile industry.

'The promotion and application of high-performance lithium manganate batteries is currently in its infancy. Due to the large amount of capital investment, the long industrial cycle, and the unclear profit model, the country needs to introduce policy guidance 'She suggested that the high-performance lithium manganese battery industry should be included in the key areas of national high-tech industry development for scientific planning, and at the same time, the import and export fiscal and tax policies of manganese products should be adjusted to implement a more favorable price than the electricity price for large industries.

In terms of financial support, Commissioner Mo Changying suggested actively exploring the government's first purchase and procurement policies for new high-performance manganese products, and formulating and improving policies such as risk compensation and fund support. . Establish an industry development fund, strengthen the construction of talents, and introduce policies, regulations and product standards for the power battery industry to promote the healthy development of the power battery industry. For power batteries with serious pollution and outstanding safety issues, the state should issue policies to prohibit the use as soon as possible.

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