How long is the road to commercialization of all-solid-state lithium batteries

by:CTECHi     2021-08-17

In the past three years, the global power lithium-ion battery market has maintained rapid growth. In 2017, the total installed capacity of new energy vehicle power batteries worldwide was 64.8GWh, a year-on-year increase of 38%. Among them, my country's total installed capacity of new energy vehicle power lithium-ion batteries is 36.42GWh, accounting for 56.2%, and the market scale is the world's largest, 2.4 times that of Japan and 3.6 times that of South Korea. According to the statistics of the Power Battery Application Branch of the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, the total installed power of lithium-ion batteries in my country in 2018 reached 56.89GWh, an increase of 56.88% year-on-year, of which ternary batteries accounted for 33.1GWh, accounting for 58.17%, year-on-year An increase of 103.71% in 2017; 22.2GWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries, accounting for 39%, a year-on-year increase of 23.51%. The installed capacity of the top 20 enterprises was 52.23GWh, accounting for 91.8% of the annual installed capacity. my country has become the world's largest power battery market for three consecutive years.

With the rapid development of China’s power lithium-ion battery industry and the increasingly obvious trend of global automotive electrification, global solid-state battery companies have sprung up, Japan, the United States, Germany, etc. National scientific research institutions and many companies have accelerated the research and development investment of all-solid-state lithium batteries. Many world-renowned automobile companies have announced in 2017 that all-solid-state lithium batteries will be mass-produced and put on cars from 2020 to 2025. Some domestic enterprises and investment institutions even have doubts about the next investment direction of lithium-ion power batteries, believing that all-solid-state lithium batteries will soon enter the commercialization stage, squeezing the market share of power lithium-ion batteries in the field of new energy vehicles.

Compared with liquid power lithium-ion batteries, what challenges do all-solid-state lithium batteries face in terms of science and technology? What is its true solid state? What is the possibility of commercialization? Compared with the existing 3C and power lithium-ion batteries, what are their advantages and disadvantages? Is its energy density, cycle performance, safety and production cost competitive? Are there successful applications in consumer electronics such as mobile phones and tablets? How long is the road to commercialization in the field of new energy vehicles? Is it necessary to continue to increase investment in liquid lithium-ion power batteries? Is the current publicity of all-solid-state batteries in many media credible? In fact, there has been no report showing that the overall electrochemical performance of all-solid-state lithium battery cells exceeds that of liquids. The current research focus is on solving the cyclability, rate characteristics, and the test data of the thermal runaway and thermal diffusion behavior of various all-solid-state lithium batteries. Still very few. There is very little research work on the safety of solid-state batteries, but most of the safety tests are to burn the electrolyte with flames or study the microstructure changes of materials under heating conditions or strengthen the interface between the metal lithium and the solid electrolyte. The battery undergoes an overall safety test.

In order to help the industry and the investment community answer questions, and guide the healthy and orderly development of China’s power battery industry, China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, LBIS Organizing Committee, Tsinghua University The Shenzhen Graduate School and other units jointly held the 'Fourth Global Lithium Battery Industry Science and Technology Summit' in Shenzhen on May 6-9, 2019. Mr. Steven Visco, the leader of lithium air and lithium sulfur batteries and the CEO of Polyplus, will be invited, Founder of commercial solid-state battery electric vehicles, Blue Solutions EVP of French Bollore Group, Mr. Didier Marginedes, former Ru0026D director of Bollre electric vehicles, Lithium metal battery expert, former CEO/CTO of Scion and Valence Mr. James Akridge, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher Li Hong and more than a dozen well-known experts in the field of solid-state lithium batteries gave special lectures and held a one-hour special discussion on May 8 to discuss the key points that all solid-state lithium batteries need to break through with a practical and scientific attitude. Technical issues and the feasibility of commercialization.

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